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Orgel IKEA Table Lamps

I was originally going to get the floor lamp version of Orgel, but got the table version instead so that I could put an artificial large floor plant (which IKEA was out of stock when I went to buy the small Orgel) instead. This lamp is going out of stock, so last chance to grab your IKEA Orgel! There were only 3 left on the shelf, minus one now since I bought one for my living room.

Quite easy to set up, though the wire that you’re suppose to place in the shade to hold up the paper shade seems like it could spring open and rip the shade, so you’ll have to be careful with that part, but other than that, it’s pretty easy to assemble. Yes, IKEA= assemble everything, which is why everything is at such affordable prices. I like the dangling switch to turn on/off, but I wish I could adjust the height. It seems like the pole is too high in my situation. However, good buy for $19.99 + tax



IKEA Karlstad Sofa

So when I was a student a few years back. My sofa in the living was composed of foam mattresses and blankets rolled up into sort of a ‘sofa’. Of course, since it was tied together with strings, it kept falling apart. Once I graduated, I bought a small compact SOLSTA sofa-bed from IKEA. $169 + tax and delivery. (see how I sold it for $80 on Craigslist in my other blog post)


My old Solsta sofa bed in living room


Karlstad sofa and chaise at IKEA showroom


However, although it was nice, it was time for an upgrade. So…we recently went to IKEA and got the ‘buy one sofa, get the second on 50%’ deal :) Because my living is so small, I had to pick carefully.
Luckily, IKEA has a wide selection of different sizes, styles, colours and prices.

Because we had a mini-van (Dodge Caravan – barely fit!) and transported it ourselves this time, we didn’t have to pay for delivery. :)


Assembling the sofa in the small apartment was a bit of a challenge :)


Lots of boxes!!

Tadaaa~! The new Karlstad Sofa and Chaise!! in Lindo Beige. Originally $1199.99 + tax = $1343.99. But with the promo, it came out at $1041.00 with tax! Big savings! :D It took a few hours to put it together and put the covers on, but it was well worth it!! Yay!!

idearabbit-karlstadMy new Karlstad sofa and chaise in my living room!