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Thai House on 7th

Thai House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Working in the neighbourhood and always trying to find a new place to try out, I decided to try out Thai House for lunch. I was expecting prices to be in the $12-16 per dish – which they were, but they have a lunch special only available during the weekdays for only $9.50 (served from 11:30am-2:30pm). I ordered the Traditional Pad Thai with no peanuts. (Zomato menu price lists it as $8.95, take-out pamphlet says $9.50, but the bill was $9.95+tax).

idearabbit_thaihouse_7th_1When I called in, service was fine. But when I was there to pick-up my order, it was quite the opposite.I sensed that the restaurant was busy for the lunch hour and while the lady was handling both cashier and the phone calls, which was ringing off the hook. She was super rude. She spoke with just a bit under the threshold of the ambient noise level so it was hard to hear her. She also seem to mumble more than talk outward. She pulled out a bill, and I thought it was mine, as she twirled around to grab the food behind her. She mumbled something, ‘what?’ I pointed to the bill. “This is not your bill!” she said hastly. She then put down a take-out bag with a receipt taped on it. “This is your order!” I was appalled.

idearabbit_thaihouse_7th_2The food on the other hand was excellent! For under $10, you got a decent amount of Pad Thai that I would have to say it has been the best (though I am a bit biased since I haven’t eaten a lot of Pad Thai…) It came with a small soup and spring roll! I couldn’t even finish all the noodles…

Great deal, and great food. I will definitely be returning despite the the service being a turn-off. I understand it can be busy, but I know what it’s like working in a restaurant. And I never gave customers such rude service even if it got hectic. Anyways…it was only her that unpleasant.


Second time, the phone order as well as the pick up at the cashier went smoothly. The food again was really good.

idearabbit-thaihouse_burrard1For the third time, I met up with Sheepie for lunch to dine in. The restaurant is quite spacious. The ceiling is neat. The bathrooms are a little bit fancier than most restaurants. Love the faucet.

idearabbit-thaihouse_burrard3Anyways, I had the same thing (not too adventurous, lol), the Traditional Phad Thai with no peanuts (lunch special) $9.95. The portion of the noodles seemed a bit less, but it’s probably an illusion because I wasn’t able to finish it. Unlike for take out, it had a small side salad and the lime and fresh bean sprouts were also a bonus for dining i

idearabbit-thaihouse_burrard2 idearabbit-thaihouse_burrard4We sat by the window and it was nice and bright. Not much of a ‘view’ per say, but still fun to watch people walking by or parking on the streets.

Sheepie complained that the ambient noise was too high, which I thought wasn’t too bad – unusual for me, as we are both usually sensitive to noise level – unless I’m going deaf :P


Sheepie had Chicken Green Curry with Rice $9.50. The rice had a strong coconut flavour, and the chicken was super soft. Really good! :D

Service was very good. The lunch specials are great deals! I highly recommend them!

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