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Boston Pizza at Metrotown

Boston Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoWe had about 15 people and we reserved only when a bunch of us after a big BBQ decided to eat more (I guess we didn’t have enough!), at Boston, and called in 20 minutes before arriving, but they were able to accommodate us.

Most people wanted a drink, rather than binge eat, and for some like myself who didn’t drink, their extensive selection made it a good choice.idearabbit_bostonpizza_metrotown1 idearabbit_bostonpizza_metrotown2

idearabbit_bostonpizza_metrotown3Sheepie ordered the Mediterranean Salad $7.49 with garden greens, cucumbers, red onions, red peppers, tomatoes, feta and Kalamata olives topped with tomato tarragon dressing. It looked pretty tasty.


I ordered the Boston Pizza’s House Salad $6.99 with garden greens, red peppers, red onions, carrot ribbons, julienned beets in their citrus vinaigrette dressing. Being it their ‘house salad’, I was a bit disappointed in seeing that Sheepie’s Mediterranean seemed fancier. However, it was an alright salad.

idearabbit_bostonpizza_metrotown5 People at the table ordered Cheesesteak Cactus Cut Nachos $14.99 which we had a few bites of. It was tasty and addictive! Smoked Applewood seasoned Cactus Cut chips covered in mozzarella, cheddar, sliced BBQ steak, red peppers and red onions drizzled with horseradish mayo and green onions. Served with salsa and our signature cactus dip. As this is best served right out of the kitchen, it is not available for take-out. As this is best served right out of the kitchen, it is not available for take-out.


People who were more interested in drinking sitting on the other end of the table ordered the BP’s Fully Loaded Nachos (Serves 3-5) $18.99. For the size and just $3 more than the Cheesesteak Cactus Cut Nachos, this is a better deal! It’s got chili lime dusted tortilla chips, pizza mozzarella, cheddar, nacho cheese sauce, banana peppers, tomatoes, red onions and a cilantro lime lettuce mix. Topped with your choice of chorizo sausage, seasoned beef, BBQ chicken or spicy chicken. Comes with salsa and sour cream. Again, this is not available for take-out.

Service was great. The restaurant had a lively atmosphere, but not sports-bar rowdy. Great place for large groups!

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Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
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Green Thai Basil

A friend recommended this restaurant before watching a movie at Metrotown, so we headed over for dinner.
Green Basil Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The place has very simple decor, but still cosy. The restaurant was sort of split in half down the middle, making it seem a lot smaller than it really is.
idearabbit_greenbasilthai3We ordered Phad Thai $13.95 (#39A) without peanuts (only on the side).

idearabbit_greenbasilthai4The Chicken Skewer (4 skewers) $10.50 (#8C) was super flavourful with herbs and spices. I liked this dish the most! However, slightly expensive…

idearabbit_greenbasilthai1Pineapple Fried Rice with Seafood $17.05 (#49) was good, but lacked a good punch. It had plumpy shrimps, but tiny scallops.

idearabbit_greenbasilthai5idearabbit_greenbasilthai2We also had Green Curry $14.95 (#26) which I didn’t have a whole lot of since my tummy doesn’t like spicy foods :( However, the bites I had were really good!

Overall: good service, good food, slightly expensive but would return!

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Fondway Cafe

Fondway Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoDisclaimer: *This was a complimentary food event. This post was not edited or written for monetary compensation, and are solely my opinions and observations.

I was kindly invited by Chobee check out Fondway Cafe right across from Metrotown mall – making it very convenient for both drivers and public transit riders. The cafe could benefit from a lit signage above the cafe as it can be easily missed on a dark street and surrounding. However, the interior bright lights are sure to welcome you into the new cafe. (relocated from their previous location in Crystal Mall)

idearabbit-fondwaycafe1The interior was bright, open and spacious. Their decor was slightly hipsterish with vintage furniture, but very modern.  idearabbit-fondwaycafe3Large, easy to read blackboard menu. Gives it a personal touch and welcoming feel. Fair prices!idearabbit-fondwaycafe4Tons of selections on teas! They have more than 60 different blends of teas that come from all over the world.Each tag indicates the ingredients, ratings on ‘Concentration’, “Acidity’, or ‘Caffeine levels’, and how it is beneficial to our health. Tells you the cost per 100 or 50 g and also explained in Chinese. Very well thought out and designed/displayed. Their tea is brewed with a special machine ‘Teapresso’ that uses a 9-bar water pressurizer to extract the best flavour out of each and every kind of tea!idearabbit-fondwaycafe5Handcrafted sign. Food presentation was well articulated. I love how much attention is put into the details.


There were an abundance of food available to try. It was amazing! idearabbit-fondwaycafe6Vintage and cute decor.idearabbit-fondwaycafe7Samples of tea to try out. I first tried the very left one, Passion Fruit. It’s very refreshing, I think it’d be great for the summer season. Later on, I tried the Caramel Tea – the smell of caramel was strong (in a good way), and I kept sniffing my cup because the smell was so delicious. Mmmm….idearabbit-fondwaycafe8All the ingredients were fresh, and delicious!idearabbit-fondwaycafe9 idearabbit-fondwaycafe10Consideration into all the details – even the little signs for food.idearabbit-fondwaycafe11Their menus were creative, printed on clear transparencies and nailed into a wooden board. Very slick and unique.idearabbit-fondwaycafe12Need to cleanse your mouth? Some lemon infused water, nicely and interestingly displayed.idearabbit-fondwaycafe13Very Asian sandwiches with the crust cut-off. idearabbit-fondwaycafe14The beautiful salads in interesting bowls. The leafy greens were nice and crisp, the dressing was light and the vinegar was refreshing.idearabbit-fondwaycafe15 idearabbit-fondwaycafe16Cool table top, but slightly hard to eat on if you have lots of plates with the raised rims. But still very unique. Love the double glass cups! Enhances the taste if the tea – looks beautiful and light to carry.idearabbit-fondwaycafe17 idearabbit-fondwaycafe18Interesting hooks for your coats and bags. Very convenient!idearabbit-fondwaycafe19 idearabbit-fondwaycafe20These Creme Caramel were my favourite! It was super smooth. Not too sweet. The syrup was runny, but it reminded me of the ones I used to eat while growing up. Fair price too! I’ll definitely be back for more of these :D idearabbit-fondwaycafe21Creativity fills the walls above our heads.idearabbit-fondwaycafe22Their ‘specialty’ dink – coffee with nitrogen gas! Their cold brewed coffee is infused with the gas to create a silky texture and bubbly taste – making it more creamier and richer.idearabbit-fondwaycafe23My plate: the waffle was chewy, but the texture was something I prefer – a bit denser. Not too sweet. The bite-size appey wasn’t so bite-size. It was a bit too big and fell apart several times while attempting to eat it. However, the ingredients were nice and fresh. Great mix of smoked salmon, lettuce, cheese and crackers.  Same goes for the sandwich – the ingredients were crisp and tasted light. idearabbit-fondwaycafe24The cream is light, and the flavour of earl grey in a cake is a new pleasant flavour. I love earl grey, and while I have tried earl grey gelato’s before, it was a first for a cake. Fair prices too. I had bites from the bottom due to the nuts on top. For that reason (nut allergy), I didn’t try the chocolate cake.idearabbit-fondwaycafe25Concentrated Chocolate Cakeidearabbit-fondwaycafe26So beautifully made!idearabbit-fondwaycafe27 idearabbit-fondwaycafe28This was a coffee with honey and lemon. It was refreshing. With ice and the zesty taste, it would be great for the hot summer.idearabbit-fondwaycafe29Cheesecake! Spongy, and dense. Not too sweet, but quite creamy.

Unfortunately,  since the pieces of food were large, I didn’t get a chance to try everything at the media event. But that means I’ll have to come back to try out more!idearabbit-fondwaycafe30Unique vintage furniture.idearabbit-fondwaycafe31 idearabbit-fondwaycafe32Last but not least, as a take-home gift, I got two tea bags of their wonderful teas. Love the care and effort in their branding, packaging, and great, friendly staff. The teas were amazing. I wish I had more room in my belly to drink and try out more. I’ll be back for sure! Must come back with Sheepie and/or friends. If it were in my neighbourhood, I’d be going to it all the time!

If you want to have a special sneak peek, check out their grand opening happening this Saturday!

——–  Fondway Cafe Grand Opening!   ——–
Saturday. Nov. 21, 12:00 – 7:00pm
4462 Beresford Street, Burnaby
Next to Metrotown Skytrain

A set menu will be provided for an entree fee of $20 dollars, there will be two options to choose from. Go check it out! You wont be disappointed!


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