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A Trip to Whistler

We made our way to Whistler on a day trip. It’s about 120km from Vancouver, and takes roughly an 2 hours by car.

If you don’t have a car, you can take the Whistler Shuttle and Bus which are offered daily, with frequent transportation from Vancouver to Whistler. Just sit back and enjoy the scenery, or stay in touch, whether with friends or for business with their free WiFi. Depending on whether you’re going from the airport or downtown, fares can be $72 or $55 respectively. This can be pricey, so it’s best to hitch a ride with a friend and split the gas costs ;) It’s also a lot more fun anyways.

idearabbit-whislter idearabbit-whistler2Crossing the Lion Gate’s Bridge. Yay! It’s not raining!idearabbit-whistler3

Driving along Sea to Sky Highway.idearabbit-whistler4

Today, White FlatBear joins us for the trip.idearabbit-whistler5There’s something for everyone, like chilling at Starbucks while enjoying the beautiful scenery. If you’re an outdoor person, there are lots of skiing and snowboarding opportunities. In the summer, there are four golf courses to practice your swings and hiking trails to enjoy some breath of fresh air. idearabbit-whistler6 idearabbit-whistler7 idearabbit-whistler8 idearabbit-whistler9 idearabbit-whistler10There are lots of trendy shopping for yourself and souvenirs for your family and friends. There are restaurants and bars, but we found that it was really difficult to find a reasonable priced place that didn’t have an hour or more line up.   idearabbit-whistler11Take some photos of the Olympic rings that were installed for the 2010 Winter Games. Each winter, the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW), in partnership with the Province of British Columbia, transforms Whistler Olympic Plaza into skating rinks. It’s free admission, so bring your pair of skates. Great for the whole family or for romantic dates. You can also rent skates for $5. Helmets are available at no charge. Note: To keep the rinks safe and family-friendly, hockey and figure skating are not permitted.

Morraine Lake Painting

Since I’ve been posting all old projects (just so that I can get a portfolio going first), I’d thought I’d post something I’m working on recently. Plus!! thought I’d show my face since it’s been awhile! LOL.


So this is a painting of Morraine Lake in the Canadian Rockies. It’s quite small, and I actually painted over a Morraine Lake that I had done a decade ago. It was pretty dark overall, and the colours were dull. Not a painting you’d like to put up on your wall. So I added some colours and painted with the ‘impressionist’ style that I’m really into right now :D

It’s too bad I don’t have a pic of what it looked before. Can’t compare now, but let me assure you that it’s waaaaaay better! :D Selling it for $40 (does not come with framing. – price does not include shipping and handling) I’m hoping to set up an etsy shop soon…
If I do, I’ll for sure posted on here!!! :D