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Teddy Bear and IDEA Rabbit Omlette Rice

Recently, I had the chance to cook up a time consuming meal. I saw a video on YouTube by ochikeron on making Rirakkuma Omurice. It was super cute and amazing at the same time. I wanted to give it a try…

I followed most of the steps. The first ‘test’ run, I didn’t have any cheese for the snout, ears and paws, but it still turned out pretty well. I was pretty stoked.


The next time was the real run, and I made the bear for a guest, while making the rabbit for myself. It was really time consuming, but kinda fun at the same time. It’s been a while since I’ve been crafty and artsy, so it was a way of brushing up of my skills – not to mention in cooking too, though this dish doesn’t really require anything complicated.


Give it a try yourself and amaze your family and friends. They’ll love it! Check out ochikeron’s video >> here