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Cafe Salade de Fruits

Click to add a blog post for Cafe Salade de Fruits on Zomato Three of us went for lunch during the weekday. The restaurant was small and packed, but had a lot of unique ‘French’ decor that gave it a nice European atmosphere.

idearabbit-cafedesalade7 idearabbit-cafedesalade8idearabbit-cafedesaladeThe complimentary slices of bread were soft and spongy. Tasted really good. We ordered a plate of pâté which went even more well together with the bread.

idearabbit-cafedesalade2 idearabbit-cafedesalade3idearabbit-cafedesalade4I ordered the Omelette du jour $9 which came with an omelet with red peppers and their daily soup. The soup was quite large and very tasteful. The omelet was soft, though I would have liked to have more ingredients inside – especially mushrooms! Love mushrooms – a must have in omelets!

idearabbit-cafedesalade5One of us wanted the same dish, but with prawns thrown into the omelet, but that was not allowed, so she ordered the Shrimp Salad.

idearabbit-cafedesalade6The other company ordered the Spinach Salad. They were both pretty large and presented very well. Looked tasty and healthy!
Service was great and the atmosphere was very nice! A nice new find!

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Ebisu on Robson

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Part of the Kamei Group, Ebisu seems like a child of Kamei Royale. It’s more modern, targeted toward younger crowds.

Like Kamei, they also have Happy Hour. We were able to make it in time, and got a super good deal. We each ordered 2 rolls for $6.50 – one negitoro roll (my favourite!) and spicy tuna roll. My friend got the dynamite and chopped scallop roll.

We decided we’d share all the rolls anyways, so that we’d be able to get a taste of more rolls.happy2_l

The first time, we got to sit inside by the window overlooking Robson street. It was a nice view, and the furniture and interior of the restaurant was very nice considering the ‘cheap’ deals available.

The negitoro roll was really good. But with the other rolls, the rice seemed a bit dry and hard, as if they had been sitting out for a long time.

Presentation was great. Nice plates. Speaking of plates, if your plate to take food onto gets too dirty (from chicken wing bones, sauces, etc) then the server will replace them with new clean ones right away.

This is only my complaint, but I found the AC way too cold – but that’s just me, I’m always freezing :P

The second time we were there, we opted to site outside in the patio sice it was lovely weather. It was a pleasurable experience though the table was a bit wobbly.




Dynamite roll


Negitoro roll



Spicy tuna and chopped scallop behind

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