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Book: Beyond the Secret

Beyond the Secretbeyond-secret-alexandra-bruce-paperback-cover-art
by Alexandra Bruce

It says on the cover that it’s “the definitive unauthorized guide to The Secret“, and that’s exactly what it is.
Written by an author who writes a lot of articles (so it does sound like you’re reading a long article on The Secret) explains more in depth about the teachers who appeared (or got cut) in the video of The Secret. Each section talks a little about the teacher’s background, and what they’re known for.

This was a simple, easy book to get through. Like I mentioned, it was like reading a long editorial excerpts from the teacher’s books/seminars/website/interviews. There’s more of a believable aspect to what the teachers had to say, rather than the ‘bad-infomercial’ feeling you get from them in The Secret. For example, in The Secret, they tell you to ask for anything you want, and truly believe you will get it – then you will get it. It sounds too magical for most of us. There’s one part in Beyond the Secret which further explain that you can’t expect it to happen just by sitting on your sofa with your feet up on the table, waiting for that BMW you’d always wanted to appear. You need to take necessary actions – which is a crucial part.

It also covers a bit more on quantum physics, the conflict between Christianity and The Secret, and what the teachers from the book/movie are really saying about the Law of Attraction. It’s interesting to see Alder J. quote ” About 10% of self-help books are rated by mental-health professionals as damaging. The Secret is probably one of them.”

In the end, the author’s take on The Secret isn’t all against what the book preaches. There are good things to get out of it, and Bruce states that it teaches us “The integrated practice of gratitude, clarity of purpose and maintaining a positive outlook can transform every life and it is free of charge to anyone who will take time to truly take care of themselves and to actually do these things.”

Whatever you believe in, which ever side your on, as long as you are at peace and joy with yourself – that is what’s truly important. But remember, you need to take action for them to happen.

Happy Reading.