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The Power of the Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

The Power of the Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
by Eckhard Tolle

It’s a great read. It’s an easy read, but the concept is hard to grasp at times. I recommend for everyone to read this book, in hopes that people will be a lot happier, friendlier and at peace with themselves and each other. This doesn’t mean that Tolle talks of meditating about happy places and fuzzy-furry animals. No, he writes with force and straight forwardness, to the point that some people may find it a bit offensive or a turn-off. He realizes this, but I think he wants to persuade his audience of his teaching.

When I first read on the back that the author of this book, Eckhard Tolle is a spiritual teacher, I thought it would be a book talking about ‘God’ and religion. I’m not a religious person, so wondered if I would be able to get through the book. However, Tolle is not aligned with any particular religion. He does reference different religions to give examples, but that’s about it. I found myself being sucked into the book.

How many of us are constantly ‘thinking’ about something? The voice saying oh I got to do that, do this, go there, should buy that, and on and on. I remember when I was swamped with so many things, under a lot of pressure and stress that I felt like my mind was going to physically explode.  It was hard to meditate with a ‘quiet’ mind since I’d find my mind wandering off to ‘think’ of something.

After reading only a couple of chapters, I started to focus on the Now (you will have to actually read the book on how and how much difference it’ll make your lives).

As brought up in another book Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice , don’t rely on external things to bring you happiness. This means, materials, your status (career, position, recognition, etc), relying soley on your partner/family/friends. It all starts with you. The Being as he refers to it.

It’s a great book for anyone with anxiety (helps dealing with anticipatory anxiety – thinking of catastrophic outcomes) because it allows you to focus on the present, or for anyone wanting to free their minds. Will help with meditation which can be hard to do at the beginning since we’re so accustomed to always be thinking. It has had a great impact on how I see the world and live my life. I read it at a time when my health was poor and the future seemed uncertain. It has enlightened me, and I thank Tolle for it.

On another note, I know it doesn’t matter where the author lives, but guess what. He lives right here in Vancouver, BC.

Happy reading :)