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Closed Restaurants/Cafes

Since I started food blogging in late 2012, I’ve noticed numerous restaurants and cafes close down. Some I figured that it wouldn’t be too long till they did, but others, I was quite surprised or disappointed since I liked them and was hoping to return.

Here’s the list: (updated periodically – let me know if you have one or more to add!)
Last updated Feb 17, 2016.

Momo Sushi on Denman

Momo Sushi on UrbanspoonUpdate: Feb 28th, 2014

I’d like to update this posting, simply because this is the second time I’ve had food poisoning from Momo. The first time was at the Bidwell location which gave me terrible diarrhea afterwards.  Last night, I went to the one on Denman and was vomiting afterward and missed work the next day. :( I will never go back to any Momo again!!!

The Vancouver Coastal Health Inspection Website report:

  • Lack of/Inadequate Sanitation Plan
  • Inadequate Insect/Rodent Control: Re-occurring violation. Inadequate pest control. Rodent droppings observed: – in dry storage area on floors

———-Original (earlier) post below————–

I’ve only been to this location twice, but is probably my favourite location because it’s the newest, cleanest and spacious. Like the other locations, it’s run by Koreans, and it seems like it’s always full and busy! The prices for this location seems higher than the rest, but we’re only talking about $0.50-$1 difference.

Despite all the other locations being busy, this one for some reason, the service seems a little colder…or you feel a bit neglected.

The quality of the food is good, though since I’ve only gone twice, I don’t have the numbers to compare to with Bidwell and Gastown location which I’ve probably gone more than several dozen times to each.


New posting! For lunch out on patio

It was nice weather on a weekend so we decided to sit out on the patio. The owner Alex was there and greeted us since he knew one of us who’s name was also Alex. LOL.

On the house, we were served a salad, small soup, and banchan of edamame, yam and sausages. Very nice, considering our bill was so small – because everything is so cheap! (as in cost) The quality is very good. I wish I lived around the block…I would come all the time…

I ordered the negitoro roll $2.95 and double spicy roll $4.50 (inside: cucumber, avocado, spicy salmon | outside: spicy crab, onion, wasabi mayo, unagi sauce). They were both really good. I had stopped going to the other two locations because of quality and atmosphere, but I recommend this location! Thumbs up!

Depending on who serves you, the service may be good or meh. I’m not sure if one of the girl is new, but she didn’t take our order when I said I was ready twice. She came the third time. She wasn’t able to do the bill, so we had to wait for another staff.




Typo! Nigitoro >> Negitoro :P


Complimentary salad, soup and banchan


Negitoro roll and spicy roll

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Momo Sushi in Gastown

MoMo Sushi on Urbanspoon

This location, also run by Koreans isthe very first of the Momo restaurants that I went to. You can really fill yourself up with bentos that are only $6-7 which comes with a variety of dishes on the tray. They are an amazing deal. The taste isn’t too bad, though the restaurant is a bit old. You can tell it wasn’t a sushi restaurant previously with the decor. The layout is interesting in that the booths are on both sides of the stairs that go down to the basement floor where there are more tables.

They sometimes clean the floor with wet mops that leave a wet and chemical smell which can be really disgusting during your meal. That was a turn off once.


Very inexpensive bento box – lots to eat for $6-7!



Otherwise, the food has been good. Service is usually prompt. I use to go here all the time as a student and during lunch hour for take out when I started working nearby. It was also a good place to have dinner with friends that also worked around the area.

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Momo Sushi on Bidwell

Momo Sushi on Denman

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