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Great Deal Sites

TeamBuy.ca - 50 to 90 percent off everything
I love saving money, and I’m always searching for ways to save. I’m known as the ‘coupon girl’ since I’m always carrying coupons for this and that. It may be a dollar here and there, but if you look at the amount you saved during the month, it can really add up.

Thank god for deal sites! I just love them! I am subscribed to:

  • Groupon: probably the biggest deal site out there…I find that most people know Groupon, so even if I bought a deal elsewhere, I usually say I have a ‘groupon‘.
  • SocialShopper: my favourite and the site where I’ve bought most of my deals from. Seems like from other reviews, it’s got good customer service.
  • SwarmJam: I think I bought once from them. Not a lot of selection that interest me. They do have an auction for gift cards which you can bid with your SwarmJam points which you accumulate through purchases and signing in every day. However, I have not seen the gift card auction on their site for some time, so not sure if they got rid of that.
  • Living Social : have never bought from them. I don’t find their deals that great…so I tend to go with other sites for similar products/services
  • TeamBuy: I’ve bought some stuff from them. They are pretty big, and got tons of deals to choose from
  • DealFind: bought 1 deal from them… not much else to say…as of 2013, they are now run by Teambuy
  • Buytopia: bought like 2 deals when I started getting into the deal site craze…
  • WagJag and MadDeal: I haven’t bought anything from them so far
  • Steal the Deal: remember those ads that had people with robber’s eye mask? I thought they were different and more interesting than Buytopia‘s bland ads. However, they’ve shut down -  which comes as a surprise, considering it  was owned and operated by Sunmedia. More on the topic here.

Let me know of other deal sites that you use that are good. I’ve saved a lot and have found out about places that I wouldn’t have otherwise…which is most of them – so I guess it’s good marketing for those businesses.