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Original First Starbucks – Seattle

Original Starbucks on UrbanspoonWhether you’re a coffee person or not, you must visit the very first Starbucks if you visit Seattle. It still has the old original logo, and the merchandise they sell also have the original logo. This is the only location you can get them! I bought a mug with saucer for my souvenir. No matter how many times I go there, it’s always packed with a really long line up. I’ve only lined up once to buy the mug, so can’t really comment on their drinks. (all the other times, we looked at their merchandise, or took photos in front as I went there with different people every time) But since reading some reviews that their drinks are better than other locations, next time, I will have to try it.idearabbit-pikeplace5 idearabbit-pikeplace8

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