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Waves in Steveston

Waves Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoSince the dinner at the Crab King was screwed up for some reason, we went to Waves to kill time. This Waves was quite spacious, and the all glass windows on one side and the front let in a lot of natural light, giving it an airy and inviting feeling.

idearabbit_waves_steveston1 idearabbit_waves_steveston2As usual, I had my favourite Rooibos Latte $3.65, but this time, it wasn’t as creamy and frothy as it usually it, or appears. A bit of a disappointed. I’ve been going to different Waves in town, and this is the first time I thought it wasn’t up to par. None the less, the place was large enough to accommodate our large party.

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The Crab King Restaurant

The Crab King Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoFor Sheepie’s friend’s birthday, we were celebrating it at the Crab King in Steveston. The organizer (the birthday-star’s girlfriend) had some groupons, but they also seem to know the owners, so I think we got extra. The organizer had a commotion with the staff there as the timing of the reservation was screwed up. Not sure who’s at fault, but it was ok, as we (about 16 of us) went to the nearby Waves to just chit chat to kill time.

idearabbit_crabking1 idearabbit_crabking3 idearabbit_crabking2idearabbit_crabking9

We were back there for 7pm, but it was still busy. We weren’t the only ones celebrating birthdays as we heard a group and the restaurant staff sing the ol’ birthday song. I wondered why the table were metal and covered in kraft roll paper. I soon found out why. Time to get your fingers dirty!

idearabbit_crabking54 of us shared a pot, and there were plenty of food. idearabbit_crabking4

Veggies for the hot pot, along with some dumplings.

idearabbit_crabking6 idearabbit_crabking7 We all the the ‘mildest’ soup base, but it looked bloody hot. I took a sip and coughed, as several others did. For our pot, we took out the peppers. It was spicy, but once food was placed into the pot and it diluted the soup a bit, it got better. Also, your tongue become accustomed to it, though I was more worried about getting an upset stomach afterwards. It tasted like Tom Yum Soup.


This was another amazing tower of crabs! It was filled with garlic. Super delicious.

The crabs are definitely a challenge to eat, but they were the plumpiest crabs I’ve ever had.

Whether it was the spicy soup, or the full-house, we were starting to sweat! No AC or open windows! It was messy, and for a lot of work, some of us weren’t full yet. However, it was satisfying to have that much crab, as we normally don’t get to eat fresh crabs that often

The organizer paid for everything, so I can’t comment on the pricing. Service was fine, though it’s mostly self-serve.


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B & P Ice Cream

B&P Ice Cream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoWe were in Steveston with friends for nice laid back weekend. After dinner, we came upon B and P Ice Cream. I was shocked to see the price.

$1.50!? Really? I haven’t seen prices like those…well, can’t really recall a time when they were so cheap. (though there were ones in Europe…) It’s only for a single scoop, but being used to having charged $3-5, this was a delightful find. idearabbit_mary_icecream_steveston2 idearabbit_mary_icecream_steveston3 idearabbit_mary_icecream_steveston4idea-rabbit_mascot-joyThere’s a great selection of not just ice cream, but a whole lot of things, from smoothies, ice cream on sticks, bubble tea, and so on. The portion is pretty good too. We got the Espresso Flake. It was creamy and good.

Would love to return again!!

Note: This post was originally posted under Mary’s Ice Cream which was two doors down. Thanks to Sabrina Henry who notified me that it is in fact B & P Ice Cream. Sorry for any inconvenience or confusion it might have caused!

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