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Empire Landmark Tower: Cloud 9

Click to add a blog post for Cloud 9 Revolving Restaurant & Lounge on ZomatoTo celebrate a friend’s birthday, we celebrated dinner at Cloud 9. We had a reservation at 7pm on Sunday for 4 people.
It was the second time for me to dine there, but the first time, it was already pitch dark and the inside also pretty dim. The night view was really nice, but this time, the sun was just starting to set, so we got an incredible view – 360 degrees of it from the 42nd floor.

idearabbit-cloud9_2 idearabbit-cloud9_3The Cloud 9 restaurant rotates slowly (so don’t put any camera’s, purses or personal belongings on the window sill – though you will see it again in an hour, assuming no one takes it). We started off with the view of North Van and Vancouver Harbour. I was surprised that the AC wasn’t strong on such a hot evening. As we came upon English Bay, the view again was stunning, but the sun was grilling us. Even with the blinds down, we were kind of sweating…

idearabbit-cloud9_1Their menu just changed at the end of June 2015.

idearabbit-cloud9_4 idearabbit-cloud9_6I ordered the 6oz BC Sablefish (Haida Gwaii) $36. The portion of the fish was quite generous, poached in tomato saffron broth. It was quite bland, and wished for more salt. There was table salt on the table, but just for my health, I resisted the temptation and ate on. The wild pilaf rice was on the harder side and with the sauce so bland, the rice was also flavourless. I wasn’t too impressed by the dish. Was not worth the $36. 2/5

I was a bit jealous of Sheepie’s food. He was the only one to get the 3 course meal. If you’re hungry or can eat it, I highly recommend the 3 course if you want a great deal with good food! Sheepie ordered the Linguine Vongole (seafood) course $34.95

idearabbit-cloud9_5For his appetizer, he had the Kale Caesar Salad with kale lettuce, romaine hearts, crispy bacon bits, shaved asiago, herbed croutons in garlic Caesar dressing. The salad was surprisingly pretty good. I remember vaguely the first time we dined there, he had a caesar salad and it was a depressing bowl of just lettuce with a bit of croutons. It didn’t seem like a fine dining salad, so it’s good to see that they’ve improved. However, the croutons and the mini tomatoes were way too big… 4/5

idearabbit-cloud9_7His Linguine Vongole has decent portions of prawns, scallops and clams. The olive oil, basil and white wine dressing was flavourful compared to my dish. 4/5

idearabbit-cloud9_8Lastly, he had the Chocolate cake. It was super rich and smooth. Could have eaten all of it…lol.5/5

So for all 3 for less than my fish dish! I would definitely get the course next time!
The other 2 had Chowder soup but it was in light tomato soup, making it look like minestrone soup than the usual creamy chowder we’re used to.
Our server was ok, not rude or anything, but not what you’d expect at a high end restaurant. At the beginning, it was a young girl – perhaps a busser who checked my friend’s ID to see if it was really her birthday. For some reason, she never got the birthday cake and we didn’t ask for it, because we didn’t know we were supposed to get it. It was when we were going to pay that my friend noticed that there wasn’t any discount on the bill. When she told the server, she brought the cake in a doggy bag. That kinda sucked.
The dining experience had both pros and cons and this visit gave me a better idea on what to do next time. I would say that my ratings for Zomato is more on the view and experience of dining in a revolving restaurant.

Taste: carrotcarrotcarrot   Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrot

Smith Tower in Seattle, US

After the Underground Tour, we checked out The Chinese Room & Observation Deck at Smith Tower. Adult tickets $7.50. An elevator operator takes you up in an old-fashioned copper and brass elevator car to the deck where you can see the beautiful Chinese Room. Step outside and see Seattle from the 35th floor, 360°! We had a really nice day so we got to see the entire city well and take good photos. The staff there was super friendly and outgoing. If you don’t want wait long in a line up and spend $18 to go up the Space Needle, you can go to Smith Tower for less than half with no wait time.idearabbit-smithtower2idearabbit-smithtower7 idearabbit-smithtower3 idearabbit-smithtower4 idearabbit-smithtower5 idearabbit-smithtower6

The Observatory on Grouse

The Observatory on UrbanspoonTo celebrate my friend’s birthday and another friend’s graduation, we decided to have dinner up on Grouse Mountain . It was my first time up there so I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, the weather was poor in April, so we could hardly see anything on the gondola or from the Observatory restaurant.

The gondola usually costs a whopping $39.95 per person, but if you make reservations at the restaurant, the ride is complimentary. Despite the weather and view, the dining was quite a pleasant experience. It was $39 per entree, (I think it’s the most expensive dish I’ve ever ordered in my life) and I had the Scallops Diver’s Caught dish.
The interior was nice, and so were the furniture. The servers were all very friendly and professional.
The bread was really good. I’m usually not a bread fan, but these were good. The main dish was delicious too. Though, I’m not sure if it’s still worth the $40 price. However, if you think that the ride was also included with the food, then it doesn’t sound outrageous.

For dessert, we ordered 2 special dessert plates, each $20. We didn’t tell the servers that it was one of our friend’s birthday, but they probably figured out after the gift opening, and presented the dessert for her with a nice birthday wish with sauce.

At the end, they were nice to treat us with some chocolate cups. Unfortunately, I couldn’t have any since they contained hazelnuts (I’m allergic to nuts).

I give a thumbs up! If you’re celebrating an occasion, I recommend! However, do remember to make reservations. During summer seasons, it can fill up pretty quickly. Scroll further down to read my second visit to The Observatory in July.

Very nice interioridearabbit_observatory2


idearabbit_observatory3Complimentary taster-size soup
idearabbit_observatory4Bread and butteridearabbit_observatory5idearabbit_observatory6Scallops Diver’s Caught




Complimentary chocolates

Food Taste: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrotcarrot     Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrotcarrot   Service: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrot

On my second time there, we were able to go whenever we wanted. So we waited for a weekend that had good weather. The restaurant was a quarter full, and we were seated at a table away from the window. The same waiter served us from last time, but this time, the menu had changed. I was a bit disappointed to find that the scallops were no longer on the list. But I thought I’d try something new this time and ordered the Northern Divine Sturgeon.

The little ‘surprise complimentary treats’ were different from last time too. Before the meal, it was compressed chicken with sweet sauce on a spoon. After dinner, lime jello with strawberry and  coco powder. Both were interesting to taste.

Furthermore, we were not served bread buns, but baguettes instead. The butter was garlic based last time, while this time, it was with sugar and honey. The baguette was very warm and fluffy. I ate quite a bit. After the bread were eaten, a couple left the table by the window. We asked the server if we could change tables, and they gladly allowed us to. They changed the table cloth, set up clean new plates and utensils.

The view from the window while eating was fantastic. It made the dining even more enjoyable.

My company had asked for his beef tenderloin to be as rare as they can get it, but it was served really cooked. It seemed really hard and more like a block. When we saw that the neighbouring table had rare ones, we knew that they had made a mistake. That was the only downside for the dinner.

At the end, we walked out onto the patio and started taking photos. The ‘manager’ looking man that also helped us change tables came all the way out to help us take photos. Great service!

Hoping to bring my parents next time their in town!idearabbit_observatory7At the base of the gondolaidearabbit_observatory8Gondolaidearabbit_observatory9Inside the gondolaidearabbit_observatory10Complimentary ride up the gondola if you reserve at The Observatoryidearabbit_observatory11idearabbit_observatory12View from the window – can see downtown Vancouveridearabbit_observatory13Northern Divine Sturgeonidearabbit_observatory14idearabbit_observatory15Beef Tenderloinidearabbit_observatory16Dessertidearabbit_observatory17