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Toyota New Westminster Workshop

As a new owner of a Toyota vehicle, I was invited for an evening on learning more about the car. About a dozen or so people attended, which I think was beneficial for everyone.

I didn’t know that there was a jack under the driver’s seat! Or the child saftey lock for my rear doors, though I guess with no kids, it wasn’t too much of a concern for me. In fact, no one has yet sat in the rear seats since buying it three months ago. LOL.

idearabbit-toyota_newwestThere were donuts, coffee and tea at break, and we all got swag bags (or goodies bag) with 2 pens, a pressure gauge, mini medical kit with bandages, alcohol wipes, scissors and tape, a nice snow brush with scraper, travel mug, letter and a booklet. which were all branded with Toyota.

It was very informative though the speaker had a soft voice which was really hard to hear. I saw a few people lean in to pick out what he was saying as the Skytrains going by made it even more difficult to understand. But overall, it was very helpful, and I’m glad that I went. I must say that I was quite a bit younger than everyone else, though that wasn’t a problem. I just wondered if young people didn’t attend due to lack of interest? or time?

I’ve never been a car person, but since becoming more influenced by Sheepie who comes from Germany with a must-know-all-knowledge attitude, I have been increasingly eager to learn more on pretty much anything. And feeling like an idiot at car shops because I didn’t know anything about a car other than it drives you from point A and B was no longer. Of course I am faaaaar from becoming an expert, but knowing just a little helps.

Thanks Toyota New Westminster! I’m really glad I’ve bought my car from this dealer (no I don’t get sponsorship or deals on my car for this post- LOL). It’s on the complete other side of the city where I live, and definitely not efficient to bring in for repairs since I have a Toyota dealership/services few blocks from my home, but it has been a very positive experience from the first email I received from my inquiry. Great work!

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