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Dosa Corner

Dosa Corner Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoWhen we arrived around 5pm on a Friday, there were only two tables that were occupied. Later on, it slowly filled up with quite a number of take outs. The restaurant is simple with free parking out at front.idearabbit_dosacorner1 idearabbit_dosacorner2 idearabbit_dosacorner3 idearabbit_dosacorner4I ordered the Butter Chicken $12.99 which is boneless girlled chicked cooked in a tomatoes and butter sauce. It comes with rice, naan, yogurt and papadum (cracker). The curry was rich and delicious. Great deal for $13! idearabbit_dosacorner5Sheepie ordered the Chicken Korma $11.99 which was the boneless chicken cooked in special spices, herbs and coconut milk.

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TCBY on UrbanspoonLocated right by the waters of Millennium Park in West Vancouver, this small ice cream shop was a nice treat after a light hike in Lynn Valley with a bunch of friends. They have several ice cream selections plus frozen yogurt  in a cup for about $3.50 Topping are 45 cents each. I got the vanilla frozen yogurt with chocolate sprinkles.

It melted quite fast was not as dense and textured as the frozen yogurt I recall enjoying from Yogen Fruz.

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We walked over to waters to enjoy the sun and water as we indulged. However, we and many others watched as the seagulls and crows tried to intimidate a Bald Eagle, presumably protecting her nest at the very top of the tree. Being a parent must already be tough, but to have 15 birds swooping down at your head as you duck and scream at them for an hour must be stressful…

Um! Ok, back to TCBY. So the yogurt was ok, though it didn’t wow me. It’s been a while since I’ve had Yogen Fruz, which I recall to be more richer…but that was like 4 years ago, way before my blogging time :P This can only mean, time to test it again! :) Would I still come back to TCBY? I guess so, but since I don’t get to come to this neighbourhood often, I’d likely want to try out something new on the next visit.

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