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Tango Vietnamese & Thai

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My friend whom I was meeting up with said that she really liked this place so I was invited to have an early dinner with her.

As I drove up to the dull strip mall, I wondered what the place would look like inside. Most of the Vietnam restaurants that I’ve been to in Vancouver have been a bit run down, cheap and dirty places.

To my surprise, as soon as I opened the door, I noticed sparkling chandeliers and a very slick, modern and high end look. I immediately liked the interior decor.


Water was actually served in glasses and not plastic ones! Yay! Their menu was quite extensive and very reasonable prices.

My friend had ordered a plate of Beef Spring roll (4 rolls), and I had one. It was super hot and very tasty. Delicious. One of the sauce had hair in it, but since there were 3 little bowls of the same sauce, I just used the other one.

idearabbit-tango2idearabbit-tango3My Pho Bo Vien $7.95 with beef ball rice noodle soup; served with a side of fresh bean sprouts, basil and lime was excellent. They only have a Large which I ordered for $7.95 or an extra large.
I’m glad I ordered Large (the smaller size) since it was pretty large portion! I couldn’t completely finish it (meaning a few strands of noodles and sprouts) which has never happened before. Yes, it could be because I had a large dim sum lunch and it was only 5pm, but still. I always have room for noodles :)

Service was excellent. Other than the hair in sauce, everything was really good. I would love to come back – unfortunately, I don’t go to Calgary often. Would like to see something similar in Vancouver! Thumbs up.

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