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Blenz Matcha Photo Contest!

Blenz is currently trying to promote their matcha drink by doing a photo contest. All you have to do is submit a photo of you and your matcha drink and and tell them what your favourite matcha drink is and why. Email your photo and short description to Also, you’ll need to ‘Like’ them on Facebook and follow their Twitter 

This isn’t the actual photo that was sent. But you get the idea.


I did, and WON! :D The nice kit includes a Matcha bowl, whisk, spoon, whisk stand and a tin of 100% ceremonial Matcha (retail value of the kit is $130).


I think they choose new winners each week during the promotion, so you have good chances of winning! You have until April 23rd!! They have 20 kits to be won! So hurry in!! :D

*Just a reminder the by entering their contest, if means that BLENZ can use your photo(s) on their website and social media.

More info on the contest and about Blenz can be found on their Extra Shot blog.



So I’m sure you’ve heard of Twitter by now. And like Facebook, there are hard core users, some who uses it lightly, and others who feel its a waste of time.

But if you do business online, or are big brand name companies, it’s hard not to get into all the social media hype. Business wise, it’s used a promotional tool. So it’s a good idea to start your Twitter account as early as possible to start accumulating followers. Although some people feel that the followers count is important, if the tweets that the account is tweeting is invalid or they never tweet, then the followers count doesn’t mean anything.

You may not become a hard-core user, but more and more companies are asking about whether a new potential employee knows about social media when applying for a job – especially if you work in a field where it’s relevant to have them. So here are some basic things about Twitter that might come handy to know.

  • One tweet allows you to type up to 140 characters
  • use @UserName: In your tweet, this is how you can reply to that user, or if you want to announce something that is relevant for that user to see.
  • MT: modified tweet
    PRT = please retweet, a plea to put at the end of a tweet – this is great if someone who has a large number of followers retweet your tweet.
    RT = retweet. If you want to tweet the entire tweet by another user. There is a button that allows you to retweet, but many like to still copy the tweet and tweet it themselves using RT @OriginalUserName and commenting a bit before their original tweet.
  • Hastags: by placing # symbol infront of a work (without and spaces ie. #dogs) that makes that word a ‘keyword’ so that if someone is searching for someone  tweeting about ie. dogs, then your tweet will come up. This doesn’t mean that you should hashtag every word in your tweet. It’s a good idea to keep it to 3 or less in one tweet.

To learn more, click on the link:


I heard about Pinterest an year ago from a friend who was really into photography. I also knew he was also into a lot of the social media stuff. At first, I didn’t really understand the purpose of Pinterest. Why pin photos from the web? Well, I guess there are some images you want to keep for reference later on. Previously, I would copy it and keep it in a folder on my computer. But after using different computers at home, work, school, and backing up files, it all gets really disorganized. So why not keep it all in one place? There is already an online bookmark for all your sites you want to keep a record of (, so why not for all your images?

When I met up with this friend a month ago, he told me that his last several months of rent has been paid off by the earnings he gets from Pinterest!! I was shocked!!! But I knew that he has over 1 million followers, and because the photos links back to the site it is from, businesses are taking interest in Pinterest as a way of marketing their service/products, and paying those who have many followers for every new followers and sign ups. What’s great for the user is that it’s completely free like Facebook and Twitter – so no loss for us!

I’ve also recently started using Pinterest, but I am no where near the million followers mark, and not sure if I ever will. But, I figured that it’d be good to know how to use it at least. It may come in handy later on, and doesn’t hurt to have an archive of all the images I’ve liked. I also recently found out that you can also pin videos too!

You can check out and follow my IDEA rabbit Pinterest album