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Jong Ga Korean Restaurant

Jong Ga Korean Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoOur boss and three of us were in the area for a project. Afterwards, we decided to have some Korean for lunch, so we dropped into Jong Ga Jip. The restaurant is really simple and nothing really that stands out, decor, and furniture wise from other similar Korean restaurants. We started off with 4 banchan dishes.

idearabbit_jonggajip1idearabbit_jonggajip2 One who’s never had Korean food ordered Jab Chae $16.50. It looked pretty good, though I felt it was a bit pricey.

idearabbit_jonggajip6 idearabbit_jonggajip3

I ordered the Seolleongtang $9.99 which is a Korean broth tang (soup) made from ox bones (mostly leg bones), brisket and other cuts. I didn’t know what it was at the time, so I didn’t know that the seasoning is generally done by the person who’s eating it, according to his/her personal taste by adding salt, ground black pepper, red pepper, minced garlic, or chopped spring onions. There weren’t garlic or onions, but I did add in some kimchi from the banchan. I thought it was a really bland soup! Awesome that it came with noodles in the broth, with a huge bowl of rice! It was quite filling. Because I didn’t know that you were supposed to at flavour, I was kind of disappointed.


My boss ordered the Sun Du Bu $10.99 which did have much more flavour, so I did take some of her broth and added in mine. She could barely finish much of her rice, but her broth was good.

idearabbit_jonggajip5 My co-worker had the Ddukbaegi bulgogi $11.99 His was also flavourful.

Service was ok. Atmosphere was ok. Getting a big bowl of rice in a ceramic bowl is bonus. To be fair, I think I would need to give this another try as my failure to know what I was ordering had resulted in what I wasn’t expecting.

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Ma Dang Goul

MDG Ma Dang Goul Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoThe place was jam packed and lively. My friend had suggested the place as she was into Korean cuisine at the time. My other friend was also into it, so two friends, Sheepie and I went. There was about 5 minute wait at the door.

No water arrived until we asked for some. It was quite crowded. idearabbit-madanggoul1 idearabbit-madanggoul3 idearabbit-madanggoul2

idearabbit-madanggoul65 different side dishes of banchan. Salad was meh… Not much of a fan of the jelly squares.

idearabbit-madanggoul8 Doeji Bulgoki $11.95 The portion was small, but good! Went really well with plain rice. idearabbit-madanggoul5

Chicken Bibim Bap $13.95 Nice presentation, nice and hot, really good! Fresh toppings. idearabbit-madanggoul4

My friend had a Lemon Soju $9.95 which came out in a really pretty glass bottle with ice in the middle. Everyone was fascinated by it. idearabbit-madanggoul7

Jjin Mandu $9.95 Presented nicely. Really good! I recommend! idearabbit-madanggoul9

Mul Neang Myeon $9.95. Cold noodles had an interesting texture and really light flavour, but good. Awesome for the summer.

Good food and fair prices. Will return.

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Dai Jang Kum

Dai Jang Kum Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoWe had just done some shopping at the new McArthur Glen Outlet by YVR airport. But since half the stores weren’t open and barely any food venues, we drove down to Richmond to Dai Jang Kum as Sheepie had been there ages ago. It was before 6pm on a Saturday. We were a bit worried that the restaurant was so empty, but decided to give it a try. idearabbit-daijangkum1 idearabbit-daijangkum2 The place is a bit worn down. The menus are fraying (and some really dirty…ewww). Very simple decor. Bathroom needs an update/reno. There are grills at each table for BBQ and each booth is sectioned off to give a bit of privacy. idearabbit-daijangkum3

There were 6 varieties for ban chan (side dishes) which seemed like a lot since I was used to having only 4 maximum. There were kimchi, potatoes, radish in kimchi, sprouts, seaweed, etc.


I ordered the Dumpling Soup $10.95. It came in a big plastic bowl, with plenty of dumplings. Putting in some of the kimchi and other banchan helped to give it more flavour to the broth. It was ok. 3/5 idearabbit-daijangkum5Sheepie ordered the Kimchi Fried Udon $16.95. The portion was pretty big, but thought it was a bit pricey without much meat or seafood in it. However, the kimichi was quite flavourful and not that spicy, which was good for me. 3.5/5

Always nice to have buttons at the table to call the servers. Very handy. The service was satisfactory, nothing special.

Not a huge fan of the plastic grey carts they keep wheeling around to clean up after the tables or to bring food on them. Just feel like an animal at a farm or at a hospital getting served liked this. Not only is it unsightly, it’s loud too. Just cultural differences, I guess.

Would I return? Not sure. I know of better Korean restaurants in Vancouver, so it certainly wouldn’t be one that I would make an effort to go all the way there for.

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