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Organic Music Lessons

idearabbit_organic_music1My friend had partnered up with his friend to create a music lesson school called Organic Music Lessons. I was asked to try out their complementary first lesson – 1 hour of your choice of instrument from guitar, drums or bass. They knew I was going to review on my blog, but anyone can sign up for the complimentary lesson on their website to check them out.

I had a nice (and a bit pricey) acoustic guitar, that unfortunately have sat in the closet… My brother started taking lessons when he was a teenager, and I kind of learned a few basics by watching him, and reading some tabs. Different from reading musical notes (I learned piano when growing up – though never got really into it…not until much later when I was in college, but by then, I was too busy and spending too much money on tuition).

I took a basic course in a classroom that was held by what was formerly Vancouver School Board (now Langara), maybe about 2 years ago, but I never got to practice after that…

Sheepie came along with his guitar that he had picked up as it was someone’s trash. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. He got new strings from Tom Lee, and used a chopstick for the broken bridge. But surprisingly, it was better tuned that my brand new guitar.

The studio is located at 1890 Pandora. My lesson was at 7:30pm on a Wednesday. It was in a dark area, and I didn’t know what to expect. I found the address, but the small sign above the door said something like Pandora Box Studio… so I was confused. I asked two guys who were smoking if they knew of a Organic Music Lessons. They didn’t. They told me that it could be on the other side of the building…or to ask the staff. There was sort of a reception area, but no staff. I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to wait. In fact, I was thinking the suite #2 was more like an office number, so I started looking for it. It was way on the other side of the building. As we walked down the halls, we could hear others jamming. There were maybe about 25 other rooms. Sheepie said it reminded him of Berlin. It did feel like the clientele were more on the ‘rock’ side.

When I finally found #2, I figured it was the right place only because a printed out schedule with Organic Music Lessons’ logo was on it. I was expecting an office kind of floorplan – reception room, with smaller rooms in the back. Instead, I ended up barging in on a one small room with the previous customer. Ooops…sorry T_T

idearabbit_organic_music2Our instructor was Tom who’s been playing instruments all his life, and teaching for 12 years. We were asked what we wanted out of our lesson. Since Sheepie and I were both kind of newbies at guitar, we didn’t really know. But Tom started out with the basics – which were really helpful. We both got the attention individually, something that was difficult when I was taking guitar in a classroom setting.

I wasn’t well prepared with my slightly grown out nails…it was hard to push down on the strings… should have thought of cutting them before coming to the lesson x_x…

We gradually built more techniques on top of the previous. I can actually play some chord-based songs which I learned from my brother way back then, but working on the basics was really hard – mostly for me because I was trying to undo my bad habits. I knew I wasn’t holding the guitar properly as I would feel a great strain in my wrist. Tom told me I was hyper-extending in an awkward way, and taught me the proper position/posture. Because I was focused on both the posture and the notes, my brain was in a tangle even for plucking a few strings.

However, this lesson was a good foundation to start from. Tom said he practiced it for about a year till he mastered it. It will take me a lot longer…but it has motivated me to get back a bit into playing instruments – just have to find time!

idearabbit_organic_music3The last 5 minutes of the hour, Dan (the ‘manager’) came in to go over some admin stuff, talking more about the lessons and rates. They offer 1 hour and 30 minute lessons, but the hour we experienced went by pretty fast. I know from experience that when I took 30 minute piano lessons, it was how Dan described it. You come in, set up, do reviews from the previous week, and then try to squeeze in 5 minutes of something new. So the hour long lessons are the best. You can check out the rates here.

The room has quite a number of speakers and instruments. Some people may feel a bit claustrophobic in there. I’m ok with small places, so it didn’t bother me. The place was clean. I didn’t use the washroom so can’t comment on that.

I was really happy with my lesson. Tom was a really down-to-earth and friendly guy with patience. They currently have a promo for $37/hour for the monthly package (meaning 1 hour of lesson a week for a month) if one signs up within the 7 days after the complimentary lesson. It’s a great deal, but unfortunately for me, I am about to embark on a new chapter as a teacher myself (not in guitar though! LOL), so music will have be postponed a bit…

Give Organic Music Lessons a try! Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below.

The Buzz Cafe & Espresso Bar

Click to add a blog post for The Buzz Cafe & Espresso Bar on Zomato I’ve been here several times before and thought it was a unique cafe with the gallery combined. I had my instructor from art school exhibit here and it’s a nice size and venue. But it had been a while since returning.

The staff are friendly and the selections of drinks and food is alright. The furniture on the other hand needs some upgrading. They all seem to be something that was picked up from Craigslist that was up for grabs for free. We sat on two sofas around a small coffee table, in which the cushions were so flattened out that there wasn’t any support for your bum. It wasn’t comfortable sitting on springs/coils, nor were they clean.

We moved into a private area that was sectioned off which had two tables, several chairs and a big sofa. Again, the furniture was mismatch and the sofa looked like 50 years old (not in the lovely Victorian-old, but a cheap sofa that’s been used forever in someone’s basement).
One guy said that his cake was pretty good.

idearabbit-buzzcafe idearabbit-buzzcafe2 idearabbit-buzzcafe3Overall, I was left with a ‘meh’ impression this time. Unless I wanted to bring a friend that was totally into paintings (which were really nice by the way…wanted some, at the same time, inspired me that I should get back into it again…lol) don’t really know if I’d come back as it seems run down now.


 Taste: carrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

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