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Neverland Tea Salon

Neverland Tea Salon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoI happened to pass by this place and figured that my tea and high-tea loving friend would love to check this place out. We didn’t end up getting a high tea (you need reservations) and had a la carte instead.

Since we just dropped by, it was either sitting by the counter by the window, or outside on the patio (rather sidewalk).idearabbit_neverland_tea_salon1

idearabbit_neverland_tea_salon2 idearabbit_neverland_tea_salon6 idearabbit_neverland_tea_salon5 idearabbit_neverland_tea_salon4 idearabbit_neverland_tea_salon3The place was packed and busy. Nicely decorated with chandeliers and a Neverland theme. However, it felt pretty cramped. And as Sheepie always complains with North American architecture, the ceiling with the pipes and vents are all exposed – it’s just ugly.

We sat at a table outside. Unfortunately, the sidewalk is slightly slanted, so the table was slanted too. I was afraid I was going to drop and break something on the small table that was crammed with our plates and cups.


I had a pot of tea $3.50 which came in a regular tin pot. I had a Rooibos tea.

idearabbit_neverland_tea_salon7Finger Sandwich $14 with chef’s selection of three finger sandwiches from that day’s high tea menu, and a side of black kale salad. The kale was surprisingly soft and tasty. Very refreshing. The small sandwiches were a delight to eat. There was the chicken salad, egg salad and one more I don’t recall… but the entire dish was very light.

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Fat Badger

Click to add a blog post for The Fat Badger on ZomatoSheepie surprised me with Fat Badger, which offered British cuisine – something I don’t often eat, and I don’t know of that many British restaurants in Vancouver, to be honest.
The interior is a cozy, dim lit restaurant – or rather a heritage house that had been converted into. We had the table by the fireplace, but since it was May, there was no fire.

idearabbit-fatbadger1 idearabbit-fatbadger10 idearabbit-fatbadger9 idearabbit-fatbadger3 idearabbit-fatbadger2Surprisingly, their menu changes daily, and our server was the one who had to hand write the entire menu on the large blackboard hanging on the wall next to us before the restaurant opened! She said she spent like an hour writing it. Wow! Unfortunately, being that it’s dark and not all tables can see the board, I don’t know if many people order it from the blackboard…

idearabbit-fatbadger7 idearabbit-fatbadger6Our complimentary bread took a long time to arrive. Our server told us it’s just being toasted, but when they arrived, to our disappointment, they were not warm or anything.

idearabbit-fatbadger4For my appetizer, I ordered the Salmon Carpaccio $12 with white spring salmon carpaccio, fennel, radishes, rhubarb, cider mustard and creme fraiche. I’m not sure what it was, but I wasn’t a big fan of this dish. It didn’t seem like the salmon went well with the sauces. 1/5

idearabbit-fatbadger5Sheepie had the Mackerel Salad $12 which is a warm salad of smoked mackerel, fingerling potatoes, horseradish, pea shoots and crispy bacon.

idearabbit-fatbadger8To share, we ordered Fish & Chips $24: beer battered cod and fries, mushy peas, tartar sauce and grilled lemon. We were surprised by the huge portion. The cod was juicy and meaty – very delicious, especially with the tartar sauce. The fries were thick and filling. I’m glad we shared! We were stuffed by the end!

Service was very good, and the atmosphere was relaxing and charming.

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La Petite Cuillere

La Petite Cuillère on Urbanspoon

My friend loves tea and is also a fan of British culture, especially their Victorian decor and tea-drinking. She had gone to several Afternoon Tea places and had mentioned about La Petite Cuillere. I decided to take her there one weekend afternoon (please make reservation when going for Afternoon Tea)

As soon as I walked in, I was taken in by the interior decor and atmosphere. I have been to Secret Garden, but this place took you to another world. My friend told me that it was a family run business, and the owner loved tea sets and plants. So throughout the cafe, you could see many many different cups, some filled with soil and plants. Very cute.

idearabbit-lapetitecuillere1 idearabbit-lapetitecuillere2 idearabbit-lapetitecuillere3 idearabbit-lapetitecuillere4 idearabbit-lapetitecuillere5It’s always very nice when places offer different range of prices. There are 3 options at La Petite Cuillere

a petite cuillère Tea
$12.75 per person + $1.25 for a selection from La petite cuillère’s Finest La petite cuillère Tea
Two miniature sweets and one of our signature cupcakes. Served with your choice of tea fr om our premium loose leaf tea selection

The “Afternoon Tea”
$24.50 per person + $1.25 for a selection from La petite cuillère’s Finest The “Afternoon Tea”
Enjoy a full service of three miniature sweets, three finger sandwiches, two miniature scones, mini loaf, tea biscuit, fruit preserves, and Devonshire cream. Served on a traditional three tier stand with your choice of tea from our premium loose leaf tea selection.

The “High Tea”
$13.75 per person + $1.25 for a selection fr om La petite cuillère’s Finest The “High Tea”
A selection of two miniature sweets, two finger sandwiches, one miniature scone, fruit preserves, and Devonshire cream. Served on authentic English bone china with your choice of tea fr om our premium loose leaf tea selection.

We decided to do the High Tea.

The staff were amazingly friendly and helpful. It was my first time at La Petite Cuillere, and the young girl helped me decide on which tea to get, especially because there was a large selection of teas to choose from. I decided on a black tea; Darling Darjeeling which blended Ceylon with a hint of cherry and strawberry blossom. While my friend who was an expert on teas knew in getting the Dragonwell which has slightly toasted flavour from being fired by hand in woks.

idearabbit-lapetitecuillere6 idearabbit-lapetitecuillere7The delicate foods seem to change from time to time. When it was brought, the young man explained what each one was. Apricot scones just baked that day! The croissant with basil, spies and what we thought was cream cheese was very interesting mixture and contrast. Overall, the food was good. Perhaps not as good as others, but still very affordable and enjoyable. A great way to catch up with your gal friends!

The staff kept refilling our pots with hot water, so we never ever ran out of tea LOL. When I sipped some of my friend’s Dragonwell, it was quite bitter since the tea leaves were still sitting in the water. When the staff came by to refill our pots again, I asked if it was ok for green tea to be sitting in the water. He said it was ok since it was loose leaf. After he left, my friend told me that that is not the case. Black tea like mine wouldn’t become too bitter, but green tea did. Tea should be steeped at the right temperature and for only a specified time. Even Sheepie who comes from Germany knows this.
We took our time savouring each piece and enjoyed drinking out of nice tea cups for a change. A new gem found! :D

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