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Hip Hop at Urban Beat Dance


Located in the heart of downtown, it’s a small dance studio that shares the building with another dance studio. Urban Beat is on the second floor – don’t get confused!

You can sign up for hip hop lessons (usually 7 classes, 1 hour long each) online, but you can’t pay over the internet. In fact, it’s only cash only! It comes to $92 with tax, and no receipt either! Not sure what’s happening on the business side of things there, but that’s not my business I guess.

It’s kind of disorganized. You come up the stairs to the second floor. There are no signs or directions for new students. I remember that I was confused the first time I had went (which was over 6 years ago). Although, back then, I remember them setting up a table so you could sign in and pay. This time, it was pay and sign up as you went through the door.

It had been years since I took dance lessons, due to school, work and health reasons. I had been wanting to come back, but it just didn’t work out till now.

The first half of the class is exercise. Stretching and building up strength. I had been worried that I would be so out of shape or wouldn’t be able to follow due to health issues, but was surprised that although I had some trouble following, it seemed I was in much better shape than those who looked like they were in their late teens to early twenties.

The great thing about hip hop classes at Urban Beat is that they teach 2 classes per week. Once you register/pay for one, you can go to the other one for no additional cost. No other dance studio does this! I use to do this to get more practice and a good workout. Tuesday classes are 6:30-7:30pm, while the Thursday one is from 6pm-7pm. Unfortunately, I’m not able to make the Thurs one since I wont make it in time from work…

The instructors are great. Super friendly and energetic. Very patient so don’t hesitate to ask questions! The studio is a bit run down, but for the price and quality of lessons, it’s a great deal.

West End Vancouver Farmers Market

West End Farmers Market  Saturdays, June 1 – October 19, 2013
9am – 2pm each week
1100 Block of Comox Street across from Nelson Park at Mole Hill

After reading more health books, I realized how much toxins are really in our daily food, and how it is affecting us, unfortunately in a negative way. I’ve been able to eliminate eating canned foods, frozen meals, and processed snacks. My appetite has been pretty good, meaning that I don’t get that empty stomach feeling between meals, craving for food, especially sugar.

I had switched from eating ‘normal, regular’ gum, to sugar-free gum (make sure it’s not sugarless! There’s a difference between sugar free and sugarless. Sugar free means it’s free of sugar. Sugarless means there’s just ‘less’ sugar) However, all of them had aspartame, which I have read some negative reviews on, so I’ve switched to a gum that contains no aspartame. I thought it would be expensive, but surprisingly, a pack cost on $1.29 (contains 10 per pack) – not bad. By the time of this posting, I have completely gotten rid of my gum addition. I no longer chew gum at all, so now I have 3 packs of non-aspartame gum just sitting on my shelf. I guess it’ll come in handy at one time or another, and it’s not something that would go bad.

Last but not least, eating fresh vegetables and fruits that are organic! This can be pricey…so don’t try to go all organic overnight. It can be overwhelming, for you and your wallet. Try buying them when they are on sale, or even better, if you have a yard, why not start growing your own?

If you don’t have a yard, or not well enough to garden, then you can go check out the Vancouver Farmers Markets around Vancouver and Lower Mainland. Check out their website at to see other locations, dates and times.




Clark’s Shoes

Perhaps not the most stylish footwear, those if you really search, some are acceptable for young people and can even fit as being trendy if you can wear it right.
It’s not your Payless shoes that you get for $10, you are paying for the quality and comfort. I am amazed at the difference the shoes have, not only on your feet, but overall body. If you are going to pay lots for a big brand, might as well buy something that you are getting comfort…yes, I sound like your mother don’t I. Most of their shoes can look a bit ‘granny’ like, which is why I also check out Naturalizer Outlet.


When Sears in downtown was closing down, they had a closing out sale. I was able to get these Clark’s sandles for really cheap. I’m regretting not buying two!


I got these cute jeans flats at a store in Metrotown for a deal as well.

If you can find a decent model/type/look, get Clark’s!


Introducing Bzees! The New Ultralight, Super Flexible, Comfort Stretch Casual for Naturalizer!