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Rice Cube

This is a late post…

My boss gave me the Rice Cube set for Christmas. I was happy that I now knew what to make for my Christmas party that was coming up shortly. Finally, something that was unique and interesting – but not overly complicated or unhealthy.
I started sketching out some roughs on what I ingredients I would put in each one. I came up with 2 simple types.

It took a bit of time to make each one, but the reaction for them was priceless. Everyone was pretty impressed. I’ll use it for another potluck that is coming up in spring :) Yay!



Tadaaa! Impress all your friends with the quick and simple Rice Cube!

IKEA Pots and Pans: SKÄNKA


The SKÄNKA set for $39.99 comes with 2 pots with lids (2qt and 5qt), a saucepan (1qt) and frying pan (11″ diameter).
Both lids have holes in them so that you can drain the water if you need to after boiling something. However, the lid for the larger one is the only one that has a locking lip so that the lid doesn’t come off when you tip the pot – a nice feature. All of them are treated with Teflon® Select, which is a hardwearing non-stick coating that allows cooking with little fat and makes the cleaning process a lot more easy. However, I have been told by some that Teflon coating causes cancer. I dunno if that is just a myth or if it’s true.

All in all, it’s a good set. You get the basic cookware so that you can do most cook.


Teddy Bear and IDEA Rabbit Omlette Rice

Recently, I had the chance to cook up a time consuming meal. I saw a video on YouTube by ochikeron on making Rirakkuma Omurice. It was super cute and amazing at the same time. I wanted to give it a try…

I followed most of the steps. The first ‘test’ run, I didn’t have any cheese for the snout, ears and paws, but it still turned out pretty well. I was pretty stoked.


The next time was the real run, and I made the bear for a guest, while making the rabbit for myself. It was really time consuming, but kinda fun at the same time. It’s been a while since I’ve been crafty and artsy, so it was a way of brushing up of my skills – not to mention in cooking too, though this dish doesn’t really require anything complicated.


Give it a try yourself and amaze your family and friends. They’ll love it! Check out ochikeron’s video >> here