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Smith Tower in Seattle, US

After the Underground Tour, we checked out The Chinese Room & Observation Deck at Smith Tower. Adult tickets $7.50. An elevator operator takes you up in an old-fashioned copper and brass elevator car to the deck where you can see the beautiful Chinese Room. Step outside and see Seattle from the 35th floor, 360°! We had a really nice day so we got to see the entire city well and take good photos. The staff there was super friendly and outgoing. If you don’t want wait long in a line up and spend $18 to go up the Space Needle, you can go to Smith Tower for less than half with no wait time.idearabbit-smithtower2idearabbit-smithtower7 idearabbit-smithtower3 idearabbit-smithtower4 idearabbit-smithtower5 idearabbit-smithtower6

Seattle’s Underground Tour

Seattle’s Underground Tour
So if you’re in Seattle and looking for an attraction, The Seattle’s Underground Tour is a must. Tickets are $17 (adults) and takes about 75 minutes. There’s a little cafe inside for those waiting for the next tour. We got a small coffee and apple strudel as we waited. This was my second time going, and it seemed shorter than the first time, likely because I already knew what the tour was all about.

The tour is an interesting way of seeing the history of Seattle. It’s quite a different experience than just going to a museum with antiques behind glass casings. You get to walk through the old town of Seattle. Most people may not realize that the ground you currently walking on in that area is actually the second level! So back then, originally, the Underground, was level ground…yup…hard to imagine…
idearabbit-seattleundergroundGrab a coffee from the cafe while waiting for tour to begin

idearabbit-seattleunderground4idearabbit-seattleunderground2 idearabbit-seattleunderground3You can see how it was back then, though other than the actual pathways that the group goes through, the rest is blocked off or covered up. Many of the things were stolen you wont find any valuable antiques there.

Both times, I had a humourous tour guide which made the tour even more entertaining.  Because Sheepie loves taking pictures and gets left behind by the group, we were once locked inside! Luckily, we could unlock from the inside and rushed off after the group which was already crossing the street half a block away. Phew!
idearabbit-seattleunderground5 idearabbit-seattleunderground6 idearabbit-seattleunderground7 idearabbit-seattleunderground8 idearabbit-seattleunderground9 idearabbit-seattleunderground10 idearabbit-seattleunderground11 idearabbit-seattleunderground12 idearabbit-seattleunderground13 idearabbit-seattleunderground14 idearabbit-seattleunderground15 idearabbit-seattleunderground16

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Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle

305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109

Sunday – Thursday: 11am  –  8pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am  –  8pm

GENERAL ADMISSION *Tickets purchased at the door are $1 more than below stated prices.
Ages 13-64 $19
Senior Ages 65+ $17
Youth Ages 4-12 $12
Child 3 and Under Free

So I had seen several of my friends post photos from Chihuly on Facebook and was amazed each time I saw them. I knew that the next time I went to Seattle, it was a must-go attraction. Unfortunately, for Sheepie who hadn’t seen any photos needed some convincing from me that the $20 admission was going to be worth it. I even said I would go alone and he could wander around outside. LOL. It turns out that he was pretty amazed and loved the place – and he’s a hard to impress guy.

As you can see, lots of great, colourful glass – fantastic for taking photos (but don’t forget to admire them with your own eyes too!). I’d never seen anything like it with glass – the use of colours, light and the scale! Each room you walked into never failed to amaze you.

If you have time, there is a small theatre that shows a film of how the glass are made, including interviews with Chihuly himself.

The exhibit does not end just indoors. Go out into the ‘garden’ to see the glass pieces integrated into the environment. With the lit Space Needle in the background, it’s a beautiful and awing experience.

A must see in Seattle!!!
idearabbit-chihuly idearabbit-chihuly2

Entrance to Chihulyidearabbit-chihuly3 idearabbit-chihuly4 idearabbit-chihuly5

So pretty!!idearabbit-chihuly6

Amazing craftmanship!

idearabbit-chihuly10 idearabbit-chihuly11idearabbit-chihuly15

idearabbit-chihuly12idearabbit-chihuly7 idearabbit-chihuly8 idearabbit-chihuly9

Nothing like it elsewhere…idearabbit-chihuly10 idearabbit-chihuly11Take home your own Chihuly glass! Ummm…if you have $5000 each for these small approx 10 inches glass work.