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Britannia Museum in Squamish

idearabbit-britiannamuseum9Yay! Trip to the mountains :)

We got our tickets for the noon tour. It was partly sunny, but the winds were bone-chilling. I knew from their website to dress warmly as the tour would be taking place inside the mine where it was going to be dark, cold and damp. I suggested to my friend to get his coat that he left in the car. I’m sure he was glad he did.

The actual tour seemed a bit short for $25 (compared to the Underground Tour in Seattle), though it was neat to see everything. The rest is self guided, and there is a gold panning area where kids and adults can try and pan out some gold. Sheepie got so into it that he spent so much time freezing his hands off to get some gems and gold looking stones while his friend and I went to the cafe to have some hot tea and coffee with chips. The cafe isn’t really a real cafe. Something you’d expect out in the middle of nowhere…with simple table and chairs set up, and a few snacks with coffee brewing in the coffee pot. Very simple and low key. But the tea is nice to warm up with! And for those that doesn’t want to freeze their hands off panning, you can buy the gems in the souvenir shop :P

idearabbit-britiannamuseum7Mockup Model


The real thing idearabbit-britiannamuseum5

Our tour guideidearabbit-britiannamuseum4

Little train we ride to get deep into the mineidearabbit-britiannamuseum6

So, with the actual guided tour part, you ride on a small train into the mines. The guide will show how they use to mine with facts that made the Britianna Mine so special and important back then. The train may be fun, but for the rest, it may not be suitable for infants. The machines are super loud as the guide turns them on to demonstrate how they used to dig back then. The little ones on our tour got scared or were restless as they got bored.

Overall, it’s a nice half day trip to Squamish from Vancouver. It’s a nice museum, but $25 for admission is pretty expensive. Students get discount, so don’t forget to bring your student ID if you are one!

Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle

305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109

Sunday – Thursday: 11am  –  8pm
Friday & Saturday: 10am  –  8pm

GENERAL ADMISSION *Tickets purchased at the door are $1 more than below stated prices.
Ages 13-64 $19
Senior Ages 65+ $17
Youth Ages 4-12 $12
Child 3 and Under Free

So I had seen several of my friends post photos from Chihuly on Facebook and was amazed each time I saw them. I knew that the next time I went to Seattle, it was a must-go attraction. Unfortunately, for Sheepie who hadn’t seen any photos needed some convincing from me that the $20 admission was going to be worth it. I even said I would go alone and he could wander around outside. LOL. It turns out that he was pretty amazed and loved the place – and he’s a hard to impress guy.

As you can see, lots of great, colourful glass – fantastic for taking photos (but don’t forget to admire them with your own eyes too!). I’d never seen anything like it with glass – the use of colours, light and the scale! Each room you walked into never failed to amaze you.

If you have time, there is a small theatre that shows a film of how the glass are made, including interviews with Chihuly himself.

The exhibit does not end just indoors. Go out into the ‘garden’ to see the glass pieces integrated into the environment. With the lit Space Needle in the background, it’s a beautiful and awing experience.

A must see in Seattle!!!
idearabbit-chihuly idearabbit-chihuly2

Entrance to Chihulyidearabbit-chihuly3 idearabbit-chihuly4 idearabbit-chihuly5

So pretty!!idearabbit-chihuly6

Amazing craftmanship!

idearabbit-chihuly10 idearabbit-chihuly11idearabbit-chihuly15

idearabbit-chihuly12idearabbit-chihuly7 idearabbit-chihuly8 idearabbit-chihuly9

Nothing like it elsewhere…idearabbit-chihuly10 idearabbit-chihuly11Take home your own Chihuly glass! Ummm…if you have $5000 each for these small approx 10 inches glass work.

Boeing Tour in Everett Washington

A bunch of my friends and I drove to check out the Boeing tour and factory in Everett Washington. I would have to say that it was mostly interested by the male participants of the group, but still it was a good experience.
The Future of Flight Aviation Center, the world’s largest building by volume is located about 46km north of Seattle. During the peak season (April 1 to Sept 30 & Dec 26 to Jan 2) cost of ticket is $20 per adult on a walk-up basis. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and tend to go rapidly June-September, so make reservations if you know you’re going for sure.
In the main building, there are gifts shops (where I bought a mug for my dad who loves airplanes – in fact he was jealous that I was going there), cafes and a small museum showcasing some planes and interior of them as well to keep you occupied while you wait for the tour begins. Once it gets closer to the time, line up at the designated area. There, you will be led into a small theatre where you will watch a short film.

At this point, still photos or video cameras are no longer permitted. (hence no photos to upload) In fact, no personal items are allowed on the tour including: purses, backpacks, cameras, binoculars, cell phones, etc. You can use the lockers on-site for a small fee or give it to someone who’s not participating – as we did in our tour. The tour will take about an hour and half – so embrace yourself, those of you who can’t be without your cell phones even for a minute. There is also NO restrooms available on the tour, so make sure to ‘go’ before going on the tour! No food or drinks are allowed, but considering there’s no washroom, maybe that’s a good thing.


Gift shop. My dad love making those plane models!


Little museum. Learn more about planes





On the rooftop, you can see planes parked outside the factory


Then, you’ll go on a big bus, where you will be taken to the factory where all the planes are being built! It was pretty amazing to see the assembly and the massive size of the place. The planes being so huge and heavy, it’s pretty impressive how these ‘machines’ are able to fly all over the world. However, it didn’t really relief me of my fear of flying…lol.
The next time you’re going to Seattle, drop by this facility where it is the only opportunity to tour a commercial jet assembly plant in North America. Go see airplanes being assembled and built for global airline customers!!
The Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour is open seven days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  • Children must be at least 4 feet (122 cm) tall to go on the tour.
  • Visitors may not carry babies on the tour. There is no child-care facility. No exceptions!
  • Those of you who have difficulty walking or physically-challenged, the tour can be done, but you must notify in advance.