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Interior Design Show West 2013

The Interior Design Show West took place from Sept 19-22. I had gotten some free tickets (regular $15 per person) to the event from a friend, so I and Sheepie went to check it out.
We got there on the last day, a little late past 3pm. The orange tote bags with swags were all gone by that time, though I think they just had the brochures inside…so I didn’t feel too bad.




Both Sheepie and I were expecting it to be a real interior design show. Like it would be showcasing interior furniture by famous designers from around the globe. We were expecting things to be sort of like the art gallery. Instead, we found that it was more of a trades show, where company were showing off their products and services. There were some interesting booths, but mostly, it was for the general public to buy. Nothing wow, or that’s really interesting which you might get out from going to a interior design gallery or museum.

A lot of the people showcasing their business was a bit bored, so we got to talked to several of them for sometime. We didn’t sit down to hear any of the speakers, and since we were a little late, the talks were over.

All in all, it was good to check out what the show was, but if it wasn’t for free, I don’t see why it should cost $15 to get in to see businesses you can go to on a normal basis for free. So, I guess you can sense that I wont be going back when the show returns again.

MELODI IKEA Pendant Lights


I recently bought a simple IKEA Melodi Pendant light to hang in my nook above my dining table. It was for $9.99 + tax, so it was really affordable, but doesn’t look like crap. I like how it glows through the white shade, and gives the nook a soft ambient look. I was originally going to get those Asian-looking round paper-made ones, but was told it was too cheap-looking.
I’m happy with how much it costs and looks. The setup is easy, mind you we didn’t do the full complete installation…we kind of cheated a bit, and made a fake ceiling board, along with cable channels…still it looks decent, and the way the nook is built, you rarely look up – you’re more likely to be focused on the food on the table :)