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Kitchen Upgrade

The project to renovate and upgrade my kitchen came about from a broken dishwasher which was taken out and converted into a useful cabinet (see process and photos here). I thought, well if we’re going to get people to take the dishwasher away, why not replace the old stove and noisy fridge as well?

First, I went hunting for a new fridge and range. From my research, and looking at different places, I finally decided on buying them from Sears. They were the most knowledgeable, convenient, fair prices and good incentives, such as earning points on my Sears card which I later used to redeem interior decor.

Next was painting the neon green walls in the kitchen. Apparently, the previous owners thought it was a good idea to have these bright blinding green walls. I wanted to keep it simple, so I went with white. It also would match the rest of the suite which was also white.



After painting the visible area of the wall white, I pulled out the fridge and painted the wall behind it. It was tricky since the fridge would only come out so far until it hit the dishwasher in front. I had to slip through the small opening you see above and painted in behind.

The new Fridge 18.2CF was for $679.99. It was difficult or limited to find a fridge that would fit perfectly into the space I had. Since it was an old fridge that was there previously, it didn’t allow for modern fridges which were much taller. Luckily, I found one. I was a bit worried when the delivery guys came and said, ‘I don’t think it’s going to fit.’ But viola! It was a perfect fit, even better than the old one. Goodbye old white fridge. Hello new stainless steel fridge!





The wall behind the range was also green, so it was pulled out and painted white as well. Since the green was so vibrant, we needed to painted it over like 3 times.

Then the Range 30″ was delivered.  The range was $699.99 and the delivery cost (only one time fee even though they brought the fridge and range at different times) is $69.95


I highly recommend getting appliances from Sears. I was really happy with the customer service when I was looking at their different appliances. Very helpful and knowledgeable. The delivery was somewhat of a hassle since they delivered the fridge and range on two different dates. Prices are good and have been pretty happy with their products.


Interior Design Show West 2013

The Interior Design Show West took place from Sept 19-22. I had gotten some free tickets (regular $15 per person) to the event from a friend, so I and Sheepie went to check it out.
We got there on the last day, a little late past 3pm. The orange tote bags with swags were all gone by that time, though I think they just had the brochures inside…so I didn’t feel too bad.




Both Sheepie and I were expecting it to be a real interior design show. Like it would be showcasing interior furniture by famous designers from around the globe. We were expecting things to be sort of like the art gallery. Instead, we found that it was more of a trades show, where company were showing off their products and services. There were some interesting booths, but mostly, it was for the general public to buy. Nothing wow, or that’s really interesting which you might get out from going to a interior design gallery or museum.

A lot of the people showcasing their business was a bit bored, so we got to talked to several of them for sometime. We didn’t sit down to hear any of the speakers, and since we were a little late, the talks were over.

All in all, it was good to check out what the show was, but if it wasn’t for free, I don’t see why it should cost $15 to get in to see businesses you can go to on a normal basis for free. So, I guess you can sense that I wont be going back when the show returns again.