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Black’s Pub in Whistler

Black's Pub & Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoThe restaurant spans from the main to the upper floor. We got the patio upstairs which was nice, though we couldn’t watch the people walk by, nor see the road bike competition going on on the hills as there were trees blocking our view. The patio was full, but the upper interior was almost empty. Since all other restaurants were packed with long lineups, we were glad to be seated right away.

idearabbit_blackspub_whistler2idearabbit_blackspub_whistler1idearabbit_blackspub_whistler5I ordered the Chicken Penne $18. At first it seemed a bit bland, but once you got to the sauces sitting at the bottom, it was just the right saltiness. Love the olive oil with the, juicy and tender chicken. It doesn’t seem much, but I was pretty full by the time I finished the dish.

idearabbit_blackspub_whistler4Sheepie had the Classic Burger $13. Thick, juicy patty fresh veggies. The thick big fries with paprika was super good, esp when hot. Thumbs up!

idearabbit_blackspub_whistler3Our friends had the Supreme pizza $27 (large 14″) with tomato sauce, mozzoarella, pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers. It was nicely presented, and was enough to fill 2 adults.

Our server was very friendly and chatty, even with Sheepie who can be sometimes blunt. Lol.

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Browns Socialhouse in Mission

Browns Socialhouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Out in Mission, it’s located right on Lougheed highway. We sat in the enclosed patio, where the heater grilled us, so we moved a seat further to keep us from becoming roast beef.

The hostess and our server were very friendly and nice with all smiles.

idearabbit_brownssocialhouse_mission1 idearabbit_brownssocialhouse_mission2idearabbit_brownssocialhouse_mission3Under the Brunch menu (which is only served on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 10am-2pm), I ordered the Prosciutto Eggs Benedict with Hash Browns $11.95 which comes with goat cheese, English muffin topped with house-made hollandaise. They use free-run eggs.

The potatoes were a bit under cooked, but crispy on the outside, and had nice flavourful seasoning. I love the addition of herbs. The eggs were a bit overcooked, but that’s only my preference. I usually like them to be runny. I always find most of the English muffins are too crispy on the bottom, making it a bit difficult to cut them. But overall, pretty good dish. idearabbit_brownssocialhouse_mission4idearabbit_brownssocialhouse_mission5

Sheepie had the Big Breakfast Burrito $10.25 with eggs, jack cheese, Spanish rice, salsa, smoked bacon, lettuce, black beans and potatoes. I had a bite of it. It was ok. The Tabasco sauce was pretty hot! (came in a small dish on the side). He also had a Diet Coke $3 and refills were complimentary.

We had our late lunch as we listened to the rumble of pick up trucks and jeeps as they passed by. Some of the customers came in with their muddy rubber boots. Yup, it’s a different town than in Vancouver.

The atmosphere is great. It’s relaxed, down to Earth and comfortable. The prices were quite reasonable. Would return and will try out one in Vancouver next time.


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Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant

Heirloom Vegetarian Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoSo I had set up a friends get-together for lunch at Heirloom. It was with fellow classmates of the yoga teacher training program that I had taken last fall. During our short lunch break, we often went to get salads or smoothies at the Heirloom Juice Co. On our last day of classes, we went to Heirloom restaurant to celebrate. Unforutnately, without a reservation, the wait was going to be 45 minutes to an hour. So we left… idearabbit_heirloom_vegetarian1 idearabbit_heirloom_vegetarian2

This time, I thought I’d make reservations, but due to their popularity, they said it’s a first come first serve on Friday nights, Saturday all day, Sunday brunch, and holidays. I arrived 30 minutes earlier than our meeting time. The host was very friendly. When one of my friends arrived, we went outside to wait. The host told us that usually, they don’t allow groups to sit down unless all parties are there, but they made an exception, as thing were slowing down a bit at that time. He even came outside the restaurant to bring us back in.


For an slightly higher-end restaurant, we were all surprised at the wide selections on the menu which made it harder for us to decide. I had already checked online, and knew that I was going to order the Eggs Benedict. Even then though, I took a long time to decide which kind… I finally decided to get the Mushroom $19.95 with arugula, caramelized onions, and leeks on top of English muffins and tooped with their house-made hollandaise . The dish also came with hash browns and house salad. Some items on the menu, such as the eggs benedict has the option for gluten-free.

idearabbit_heirloom_vegetarian3The atmosphere was lovely. Mostly white walls, with beautiful wooden tables. A lot of windows let natural light in, setting a calm, relaxing feel. I also love when restaurants place glass water bottles so you don’t have to pester the servers for more water.


The presentation of the food was great. The vinegar dressing on the salad was delicious. Not sure if I can say the best dressing, but pretty close to it. The hash browns were crispy. The eggs were a bit over-cooked. It wasn’t runny like how I like them. More hollandaise sauce would have been nice.

Overall, I was impressed with the dining experience. Slightly pricey, but you dine in a nice setting, good service and they take into consideration of the ingredients by using fairly traded and healthy choices. Some minor adjustment could have made the dishes great, but I’d love to come back to try more!

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