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Shady Tree on New Years Eve

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Sheepie and I and a couple of friends wanted to check out the fireworks in Whistler for New Year’s Eve. Not surprisingly, all the restaurants in Whistler were fully booked out, or were charging outrageous amounts for a NYE dinner. We decided to stop by Squamish for dinner instead, but it was still hard to find one that had tables available and weren’t doing a NYE course dinner special. We finally came to Shady Tree pub which we have gone to previously and had a pretty good experience.

Their NYE special dish was the Steak and Lobster Tail for $18.95. Everyone one of us ended up ordering it – with a different rareness to their steak. It was a fabulous deal – who could resist?


The portions were pretty decent for the price, and we were pretty full by the end. The lobster, unlike many lobster you may have wasn’t chewy. Instead, it was plump, juicy and flavourful. I wish I could swap out my steak for another lobster, as I’m not much of a steak eater. My meat was more raw than what I imagined a ‘well done’ to be. Later on, we figured that maybe one of my friends got my well done, and I had her medium rare.

Some of us dessert, they had Kahul, Lava Cake and Tiramisu. We all got to try a bit of everything. Everyone said they liked the Kahul the best, but I enjoyed the Tiramisu the best. I guess I’m just more into creamy desserts.

The service was pretty good despite being NYE. I think this will become our regular stop if we want a nice sit-down meal between trips to/from Vancouver and Whistler. It’s easy to find, right of the highway.


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Kirin Seafood Restaurant at CitySquare

Kirin Seafood Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoKnown for high quality Chinese food, I was excited to try this place for our co-worker’s farewell feast. It was the first time that I had been to a restaurant where they placed seat covers on each chair. Kept the coats on our seats clean and maybe protect it from greasy smells.

Service was excellent. My co-worker told me that when the hot water and tea pot were separate, it meant that they were a Cantonese restaurant. We were all offered individual hot wet towels to clean our hands. Every time our plates became full and ‘used’, it was replaced with a clean one. The interior was decorated nicely and the lively atmosphere created excitement for the food to arrive.

idearabbit_kirin_citysquare1 idearabbit_kirin_citysquare5

Covers on seatsidearabbit_kirin_citysquare4

Even the tea pots have nice place mats.idearabbit_kirin_citysquare3 idearabbit_kirin_citysquare2

idearabbit_kirin_citysquare13 The main was the Lobster. It was difficult to eat as the shell was on it… I suppose this is how it is in Asian dishes, but I’m not a fan of using the hands and trying to peck at it like some vulture with the chopsticks in my other hand, especially for a high-end restaurant. I know that Sheepie isn’t fond of this style either, but I guess it’s the culture. For that reason, I picked up parts that had the meat already exposed and very little shell to pick through. It had a creamy sauce which were quite bland. The lobsters came mixed with noodles. Even though I love noodles, this felt almost like having linguine in a really bland alfredo sauce. I am not sure if it’s the clash with the idea that it reminded me of Italian food, that I didn’t really find the flavour captivating, or I’m starting to find that maybe I don’t lean towards noodles in really thick sauce (like Korean’s Jajangmyeon), I didn’t eat much of it. idearabbit_kirin_citysquare15However, the lobster was plumpy, and there were quite a bit of good chunks of meat. The co-worker who was leaving loved it as he was a huge lobster fan.

idearabbit_kirin_citysquare10Spring Rolls $5 (2 rols) were crispy and average.

idearabbit_kirin_citysquare11The deep fried flaky spring rolls were creamy, yet light in flavour. Despite my comment for creamy sauce above, I did very much like the contrast of the crispy outer case and the creamy inside. Very good! (sorry I don’t know the exact names…I didn’t order them, and I’m still not good with Chinese cuisine names… T_T If anyone knows, please let me know! Thanks!)

idearabbit_kirin_citysquare6Squid Calamari was super crispy, though a bit chewy, and the portion was a bit smaller than other places I’ve been to.


Green beans had a delicate, but richer flavour. However, I did agree with one staff that it was way too salty. It would go great with plain rice.

idearabbit_kirin_citysquare12The Pancakes weren’t rubbery, and it was fresh. Cut up into pieces, which made it easier to eat.

idearabbit_kirin_citysquare7Rice Roll $5.38 were smaller in portion compared to other Chinese restaurants, but were quite tasty.

idearabbit_kirin_citysquare9Shrimp Dumplings were hot, tasty and delicious.

idearabbit_kirin_citysquare8Fresh greens! I do have a pet peeve of how this dish is severed everywhere. Most often, it’s hard to chew off a bite from these… I wish they’d cut them into 3 sections, allowing for better table manners. Other than the Flaky Spring Rolls, nothing really jumped out at me. One staff told me that it was much better before and that she wasn’t that impressed this time.

With many other pretty good Chinese places that I’ve discovered for much cheaper, I don’t think I’d return with my own wallet.

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