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Shady Tree on New Years Eve

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Sheepie and I and a couple of friends wanted to check out the fireworks in Whistler for New Year’s Eve. Not surprisingly, all the restaurants in Whistler were fully booked out, or were charging outrageous amounts for a NYE dinner. We decided to stop by Squamish for dinner instead, but it was still hard to find one that had tables available and weren’t doing a NYE course dinner special. We finally came to Shady Tree pub which we have gone to previously and had a pretty good experience.

Their NYE special dish was the Steak and Lobster Tail for $18.95. Everyone one of us ended up ordering it – with a different rareness to their steak. It was a fabulous deal – who could resist?


The portions were pretty decent for the price, and we were pretty full by the end. The lobster, unlike many lobster you may have wasn’t chewy. Instead, it was plump, juicy and flavourful. I wish I could swap out my steak for another lobster, as I’m not much of a steak eater. My meat was more raw than what I imagined a ‘well done’ to be. Later on, we figured that maybe one of my friends got my well done, and I had her medium rare.

Some of us dessert, they had Kahul, Lava Cake and Tiramisu. We all got to try a bit of everything. Everyone said they liked the Kahul the best, but I enjoyed the Tiramisu the best. I guess I’m just more into creamy desserts.

The service was pretty good despite being NYE. I think this will become our regular stop if we want a nice sit-down meal between trips to/from Vancouver and Whistler. It’s easy to find, right of the highway.


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Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
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Black’s Pub in Whistler

Black's Pub & Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoThe restaurant spans from the main to the upper floor. We got the patio upstairs which was nice, though we couldn’t watch the people walk by, nor see the road bike competition going on on the hills as there were trees blocking our view. The patio was full, but the upper interior was almost empty. Since all other restaurants were packed with long lineups, we were glad to be seated right away.

idearabbit_blackspub_whistler2idearabbit_blackspub_whistler1idearabbit_blackspub_whistler5I ordered the Chicken Penne $18. At first it seemed a bit bland, but once you got to the sauces sitting at the bottom, it was just the right saltiness. Love the olive oil with the, juicy and tender chicken. It doesn’t seem much, but I was pretty full by the time I finished the dish.

idearabbit_blackspub_whistler4Sheepie had the Classic Burger $13. Thick, juicy patty fresh veggies. The thick big fries with paprika was super good, esp when hot. Thumbs up!

idearabbit_blackspub_whistler3Our friends had the Supreme pizza $27 (large 14″) with tomato sauce, mozzoarella, pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers. It was nicely presented, and was enough to fill 2 adults.

Our server was very friendly and chatty, even with Sheepie who can be sometimes blunt. Lol.

Taste: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot
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The Denman Tap House

The Denman Tap House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoFor Halloween night, Sheepie was invited by some friends to the pub on Denman. I’m a quiet, soft spoken yogi (lol), so it’s not quite the scene where I usually would go to. The entrance fee was $5 per person, though the guy after us was charge $10 for some reason. Inside, the music was blasting with a small dance floor, the bar and dining area. The place was decorated with a spooky but fun Halloween flair, and all the servers were dressed up. I’m pretty sure if I were to return, I wouldn’t know who was which server.

idearabbit-denmantaphouse idearabbit-denmantaphouse2We arrived around around 9pm. The place was half empty. It was extremely difficult to understand our server who spoke at such a low frequency in the midst of the loud atmosphere. Sheepie ordered a glass of beer $3.50 (special that day) along with 6 Layer Dip and Chicken Fingers & Fries. I don’t drink, so nothing for me.

idearabbit-denmantaphouse3The food didn’t arrive for nearly 40 minutes. When we asked our server, she said there were a lot of orders, even though the place wasn’t all that busy yet. Sheepie wanted to take a photo of her scary costume, but she mumbled something and walked away. When she brought Sheepie’s beer, he asked again, and again, she mumbled something and walked away. Was she just playing her costume role as a dead funky skeleton? She was so rude…

idearabbit-denmantaphouse4The 6 Layer Dip $9.95 had guacamole, re-fried beans, sour cream, salsa, chipotle, alioli and cheese with Nacho chips. The bowl had everything all in one (hence the name), but it was just a mix of everything, and not a food you could ‘savour’, though I guess at these kinds of places, that’s not your main concern.

idearabbit-denmantaphouse5Chicken Fingers & Fries $8.95. The fries looked good, but they were soooo salty. It came with Honey Mustard and Ketchup, but the salt was too much already. I didn’t have much of it. The chicken was crispy.

As it got closer to 10:30pm, the place started to get packed. Soon, it was impossible to walk around. I heard some glass shattering. I left around 11:30pm as I needed to get up 6am the next day.
Perhaps it’s not the best time to evaluate the restaurant. I’m not sure how crazy it gets on a normal night. I hate loud music and having to shout and guess what the other person is saying for a conversation, and from some of the reviews that I had read, it seems that that’s the case normally. Plus, like I said, I don’t drink, so pubs/bars aren’t my venues. Poor food and terrible service.
Later, when I was writing this post and checking my receipt, I was shocked to see that there was already a 15% gratuity added on the bill. It was only 2 of us! So we had paid double the tip to her for bad service! ARGH! And she just stood there as we searched our wallets for cash, never saying anything that it was added. Terrible greedy waitress! Never return!

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