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Kamei Royale on West Hastings

Kamei Royale Japanese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoLast summer, they had a grand opening at their new location on Hastings. We returned with a group of 15 people for the Christmas holidays. The lady there who I have seen for many years at the old location was still there and was serving us.

idearabbit_kameiroyale_hastings1 idearabbit_kameiroyale_hastings3 idearabbit_kameiroyale_hastings2

The restaurant now had a modern feel but with traditional Japanese decor. Their tatami rooms that they had all along the walls of the old place were no longer incorporated, instead had chic like bar seats, modern slick booths or tables with chairs.

idearabbit_kameiroyale_hastings6 idearabbit_kameiroyale_hastings7I ordered a Chawanmushi $5.95 with prawn and vegetables in steamed egg custard. It was really fluffy and served in the traditional dishware, it always reminds me of Japan. It’s rare to find a good chawanmushi, let alone any restaurants serving them in the first place. idearabbit_kameiroyale_hastings9

Yakitori $5.50 for two skewers of grilled chicken with traditional BBQ sauce. Really good. Would have liked more of the charcoal-y taste though. idearabbit_kameiroyale_hastings4 idearabbit_kameiroyale_hastings5

I also had a Salmon Nigiri $3 and Tamago Nigiri $2.75. Now I don’t like huge pieces of nigiri, especially with a ton of rice to cheap out, but this was ridiculous. There were barely any rice underneath. I also got confused on the menu because the nigiri were under ‘Sushi’. Yes, sushi is the broad category. Everything with fish and rice together is sushi. Nigiri-sushi is the one with the fish on top and rice underneath. Maki-sushi is the classic rolls with the seaweed on the outside. Oshi-sushi is sushi the ingredients pressed usually into a box shaped mold. I’ve never seen it categorized like this anywhere else, so I was a bit perplexed. But maybe that’s just me.

Others ordered what looked to be some amazing dishes, and they seemed to enjoy it. idearabbit_kameiroyale_hastings8

Tiger Mayo $11.95 Almond coated prawn deep friend served with homemade cajun mayonnaise sauce.


Sashimi Vancouver $25 (9 pieces) Sockeye Salmon, Yellowtail, Tuna Belly and Albacore Tuna.

Service was pretty good. The server allowed us to take one booth just for jackets and bags as it was winter time, and a lot of people had bulky things. The price is higher, but it’s always been high for Kamei Royale. Quality is always good though. I might have mentioned this in the previous post for the old location. If you have a guest from out of town and want to take them to a Japanese restaurant, this is the ‘safest’ place to go, meaning you will get consistent good service, food and atmosphere.

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Hiro Sushi

Hiro Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoWith so many sushi restaurants in town, and after trying years of different sushi, and slowly moving up for better quality than quantity, I stopped going to lower-end, cheap sushi places. Not only did I want quality, I have had several bounds of food poisoning, or simply not feeling well after some fishy sushi. It’s just wasn’t worth it.

From the outside, I could tell by the bold red and yellow signage that this wasn’t an expensive place. But Sheepie was up to it.

idearabbit_hiro_sushi1 idearabbit_hiro_sushi3When we entered, there were no Asians dining. Oh oh… and it was less than half empty. The walls were covered in murals of Spanish or Greek like scenery… must have been some European restaurant before. They kept it as it is, and now had Japanese decor hanging in places. idearabbit_hiro_sushi2 I ordered the 3 items with miso soup combo for $10.95. With 88 items to choose from, there’s something for everyone to order. Brown rice is available with extra charge.


The miso soup came out right after we ordered. It was super quick!


I chose Yakitori from the Appetizer list. It was covered in panko, and was grilled flat. Unusual, but tasted ok. However, it wouldn’t be something I order again.


Gyoza of 5 pieces were good.

idearabbit_hiro_sushi6 Salmon Avocado roll had really large pieces, making it a bit hard to it, but otherwise, it was decent.


Sheepie had the Hiro House Combo $11.95 (14 pieces) of Hiro House roll, Salmon roll and 3 pieces of salmon. The roll pieces were huge. The salmon nigiri was pretty good.

The service and food was satisfactory, but wouldn’t be on the top list of go-to sushi places.

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Sushi Boat in Calgary

Sushi Boat Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoThis place is a huge hit with my parents. So much that they started going every Thursday. When I go back to Calgary to visit them, we often eat at least once there. Our family used to go, as there weren’t that many sushi places in Calgary, and even today, compared to Vancouver, there isn’t a huge sushi scene.

idearabbit_sushiboat_calgary1 idearabbit_sushiboat_calgary2You can figure out the price of the sushi by the colour of the plate their on.

  • Green = $2.35
  • Red = $3.35
  • Blue = $3.85
  • Silver $4.35

idearabbit_sushiboat_calgary4The cool thing as youngsters it the floating boats which carries the sushi around. Pretty cool! The water circulates and in a circle, and the boats move in one direction. idearabbit_sushiboat_calgary9For me, I usually take what’s on the boat. My parents on the other hand only come for the red tuna, which is a special order. If you’re also wanting something freshly made even though there are some on the boat, you can ask the staff.

idearabbit_sushiboat_calgary8Tamago nigiriidearabbit_sushiboat_calgary7Crab nigiriidearabbit_sushiboat_calgary6Masago nigiriidearabbit_sushiboat_calgary3Salmon with green seaweed

The plates are colour coordinated and the menu indicates how much a certain colour (or design) costs. This is great because you get to try a whole bunch of things without having to commit to ordering a combo or rolls that come with 6-8 pieces. Here, it’s either 2 or 4.

I and my brother always finished with a bowl of udon when we were younger. Now, it seems like a waste to eat them when you’re at a sushi restaurant! However, I do remember the broth being pretty good. idearabbit_sushiboat_calgary5I’m not sure how sanitary it is to have all the wasabi and ginger on the table for people to use. I hope that people don’t use their own chopsticks or something and contaminate the box.

It’s reasonably priced and decent quality. Staff are quick and attentive. They used to have 30+ minutes wait time, but since a few other sushi places opened and Calgary economy hasn’t been all that good, they’ve been a bit slower. Definitely an unique sushi restaurant experience.

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