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Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot in Central Burnaby

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoOur friend invited us for some hot pot. The four of us arrived to a long lineup of people waiting for a seat. Luckily, our friend had made reservations, so we didn’t have to wait too long. The host was rude which is maybe why I shy away from Chinese restaurant for Chinese, as many don’t speak English well, so, I often end up going only if a Chinese person is taking us, lol.

The restaurant is fairly large and bustling with servers bringing food out to all the tables. We got to sit in an area that was sectioned off a bit, so there was more privacy and quieter.

idearabbit_little_sheep_mongolian_hotpot_burnaby1idearabbit_little_sheep_mongolian_hotpot_burnaby idearabbit_little_sheep_mongolian_hotpot_burnaby3 idearabbit_little_sheep_mongolian_hotpot_burnaby5 idearabbit_little_sheep_mongolian_hotpot_burnaby4

Wow. There was a lot of food. We left most of the ordering to the couple that was more familiar with this restaurant. It’s a great restaurant for meat eaters and fish. The ingredients were fresh and good quality.

idearabbit_little_sheep_mongolian_hotpot_burnaby6 idearabbit_little_sheep_mongolian_hotpot_burnaby8 idearabbit_little_sheep_mongolian_hotpot_burnaby7

I love quail eggs! so I ordered that twice…lol. I like the idea of making your own sauce. There’s satay, chili hot, vinegar, soy sauce, peanut sauce and hot spicy to choose from. Free refills on pop and complimentary tea. I was soooooooo full. We did 2 big rounds, and it was totally worth the money. We had a coupon so it was even better deal! When we paid, we got more coupons to use for next time!

Service was OK. Would come back on a cold winter night. But must make reservations!

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Commodity Juicery

Commodity Juicery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoDisclaimer: *This was a complimentary private tasting. This post was not edited or written for monetary compensation, and are solely my opinions and observations.

I was kindly invited for a private tasting at Commodity Juicery through Zomato, and brought along two guests with me. One was into juices and healthy eating, so he was pretty excited. I have tried a few times with juices and smoothies, though I tend to only have them in the summer. Since I’m also for healthy foods, I was looking forward to it as well.

The place is more like a ‘buy and pick up’ place rather than a cafe where you’d sit down and read a book or something. There are 3 stools, but with one seat by the coolers with the juices that customers need access to, and the other one by the cashier, be ready to do some shifting.

idearabbit_commodityjuicery1idearabbit_commodityjuicery14 idearabbit_commodityjuicery15 idearabbit_commodityjuicery16 idearabbit_commodityjuicery19 idearabbit_commodityjuicery3The staff that was serving us was very knowledgeable with which ingredients were good for what, and which had what kind of nutrients. The healthy friend was really into kombucha, and he started asking all kinds of questions about it, and the staff was very knowledgeable about that too.

All juices are $10/bottle.idearabbit_commodityjuicery6We started off with their most popular drink, the #1 Sweet Greens. It was a tropical flavour, especially with the addition of pineapples It wasn’t ‘salady’ at all. It was light with a slight hint of cilantro that awoken your senses at the end. It was pretty to look at, but very good tastewise.

idearabbit_commodityjuicery7If you check out their website, it’ll will give you all the information you want to know in a very clean and slick but simple chart. The white clean shop is replicated on their very simple, but easy to navigate website.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 2.08.26 PMNext naturally, was #2 All Greens. It had lemon and lime plus all veggies. It was zesty with the strong lemon taste. This was the only drink where the ‘ingredients’ settled at the bottom, so it’s a good idea to shake it before consuming. We were told that this drink was good for drinking at the end the day with which has magnesium to calm digestive system. idearabbit_commodityjuicery8#6 Purple Puppy. Along with the creative names for the drinks, they are also creative with the ingredients. They have put cucumber instead of grape to limit the sweetness. It feels like a balanced juice. Smells like beets – but in a good refreshing way.

idearabbit_commodityjuicery9 #8 Orange Roots. Very light and very pretty. It wasn’t overly sweet even though there were apples in it. They said the turmeric was organic. idearabbit_commodityjuicery10#10 Sunrise. This has fructose and electrolyte, so it’s good to drink at the beginning of the day to give you a boost. The flavour, which was zesty and tangy would also wake you up.

idearabbit_commodityjuicery11 #12 Matcha Mylk. I didn’t try this one as it has almonds and cashews. I’m allergic to nuts, so none for me.

Instead, I got to try the one of the Shots $4. I had the Relief Shot with lemon, ginger and some cayenne powder. I’m so glad they were just running out of the powder because holy moly! One sip and I felt my entire tongue and throat burrrrrrrrrn. It took couple gulps of water to calm it down. It is really strong, but I guess if you’re wanting something to really ‘zap’ you, this is the shot for you. Wow… it was incredible.

idearabbit_commodityjuicery12We also had a bit of the Masala bowl which had broccoli, cauliflower, bean sprouts, zucchini, red peppers, carrots, green cabbage, quinoa with ­ Masala dressing. It had a nice curry smell to it. Although I do love salads and often eat them, it was the first time I had a salad where all the ingredients were raw except for quinoa. It might take me a bit to get used to eating all of it raw. I think since I suffer from cold hands and feet, and even eating my regular salads can quickly drop my temperature (yes, I can start feeling cold and shivering after a salad!) I’ll save it for the summer time. idearabbit_commodityjuicery20Their straws are made from bamboo – which was really interesting. She mentioned that for the Greens, it’d be best to consume within 4 days and 6 days for carrots or beets.

To end it off, the dessert. Again, the Macaroons $4 had nuts, so only my guests had samples. They said it was really good, with coconut, cinnamon, sea salt, dates and almonds.idearabbit_commodityjuicery13idearabbit_commodityjuicery18The experience was very good. Clean place. Love their brand identity. Great tasting juices! Would return.

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Tractor in Kitsilano

Tractor Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoI had heard that this place was really good – especially if you’re into ‘healthy’ foods, so I thought I would go and check it out on a Saturday lunch.

The place was packed with a small line up. Since it was the first time, I was looking around wandering how the process went. The place is slick, modern and higher-end feel. I like their branding. The logo and wordmark goes really well together.

idearabbit_tractor1idearabbit_tractor2 idearabbit_tractor3

It was nice to see a ‘sample’ of what the sandwiches looked like. It helped with the decision process. I went with the Half Tuna Melt $5 and a side of Lemon Kale Salad $3.25 with kale, radicchio, borlotti beans, toasted pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, asiago cheese, topped with creamy lemon dressing.

idearabbit_tractor4While I waited for my to-go order, I sipped on some water from the condiments/cutlery station which was setup really nicely. Even though it looked pretty stocked, a staff came by and filled it up even more. They also grilled the chicken (if you ordered any) in front of you as you waited – gets your mouth watering for sure!

idearabbit_tractor5 I had read about the small portions, but I still wasn’t prepared to see how small they were – especially for the price. I found the salad pretty bland, compared to the Kale Slaw salad that I normally have for lunch from Heirloom nearby. I wouldn’t say it’s bad per say. I like eating healthy, and the less condiments, the better, especially for salads. However, I wouldn’t pay $3.25 for it.  idearabbit_tractor6

The tuna melt on the other hand was pretty good. The bread was nicely toasted and crispy. The tuna was flavourful. Overall though, it was a bit greasy. Above, I took a photo of the food alongside a regular fork to show the size.

My conclusion: the food is alright, though I find it quite pricey. If you spend the same amount of money that you’d do at a sushi place across the street, you’ll be left starving quickly. I’m not a huge fan of super crowded and busy cafes/restaurants, so unless I go there during non-peak hours, I don’t think I would come sit down and dine. Also, finding a seat might be a challenge in the first place. However, the place is kept really clean and organized despite the crowd. The staff are friendly and patient.

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