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Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot in Central Burnaby

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoOur friend invited us for some hot pot. The four of us arrived to a long lineup of people waiting for a seat. Luckily, our friend had made reservations, so we didn’t have to wait too long. The host was rude which is maybe why I shy away from Chinese restaurant for Chinese, as many don’t speak English well, so, I often end up going only if a Chinese person is taking us, lol.

The restaurant is fairly large and bustling with servers bringing food out to all the tables. We got to sit in an area that was sectioned off a bit, so there was more privacy and quieter.

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Wow. There was a lot of food. We left most of the ordering to the couple that was more familiar with this restaurant. It’s a great restaurant for meat eaters and fish. The ingredients were fresh and good quality.

idearabbit_little_sheep_mongolian_hotpot_burnaby6 idearabbit_little_sheep_mongolian_hotpot_burnaby8 idearabbit_little_sheep_mongolian_hotpot_burnaby7

I love quail eggs! so I ordered that twice…lol. I like the idea of making your own sauce. There’s satay, chili hot, vinegar, soy sauce, peanut sauce and hot spicy to choose from. Free refills on pop and complimentary tea. I was soooooooo full. We did 2 big rounds, and it was totally worth the money. We had a coupon so it was even better deal! When we paid, we got more coupons to use for next time!

Service was OK. Would come back on a cold winter night. But must make reservations!

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Jang Mo Jib

Jang Mo Jib Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato With two other friends we went to Jang Mo Jib in Central Burnaby. The place was packed with staff running around hastily.

We got a booth where the seat was ripped. Argh. The place overall seemed a bit rundown, and the unsightly scene of those grey carts come back as with most Korean restaurants as staff nosily put dirty dishes away. They kept dropping the dishes onto the floor – I guess that’s why they serve in plastic ones. The walls were covered with mural painting of ancient Korean lifestyle.

idearabbit-jangmojib4 idearabbit-jangmojib5idearabbit-jangmojib3Banchan were the regular kimichi, potatoes, radish and bean sprouts.

idearabbit-jangmojib6Sheepie ordered the Squid BBQ $14.95 that had stir-fried squid and veggies in their spicy house special BBQ sauce. He asked for hot (spiciness) with rice. I tried a bit, but it was too spicy…so didn’t have much.

idearabbit-jangmojib1I had teh Dol Sot Bee Bim Bahb $12.95 with assorted veggies, beef, kimichi, onions and fried egg on top of rice in the typical Korean stone bowl. It was super hot (in temperature – as usual), which made it really good to eat on a chilly fall evening. The dish was pretty good.

idearabbit-jangmojib2The other two shared a big hot pot. It had tons of ingredients, and I was surprised they could finish it on top of a noodle bowl they ordered.

Overall, the food was alright. Service was fine. The restaurant needs a bit of reno.

The hallway to the bathroom was separated by a thick curtain. And the actual bathrooms were worn and old. I saw one server clean the dirty seat, and then back on the table with the same tablecloth.

Would not be the first pick on my list of Korean restaurants to return to though.

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