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CHIMERA – Fashion Show JCI

So my good friend Melody Young, graduated yesterday along with the other students of Class 138 which hosted CHIMERA – a fashion show. It was not only an opportunity to celebrate the hard and long days at John Casablancas Institute – a fashion, make up and hair school, but also to showcase their talent, and give back to the community by donating all net proceeds from the event to Covenant House, an organization helping underprivileged youth in Vancouver.

It was on Thursday, November 22nd at Villa Amato (88 East 1st Ave). Models wore footwear and clothing from sponsors such as Bootlegger, Unique and Trendy, John Fluevog, Alex Folzi -  just to name a few.
I’m uploading pics, but sorry for the really poor quality…>_< my cellphone camera is sucks!! T_T
It was actually my first time going to a fashion show, and it was great! I must say, I’ve never seen so many skinny people! I don’t know how their body survives…lol…I know it’s weird coming from a thin person myself (170cm -42kg or 5’7″ – 93lbs)…but I guess it’s different when you see someone else skinny. I see myself everyday, and have gotten too used to it.
Anyways, it was a very inspiring evening! :)













A friend recently bought me Danier leather gloves for my birthday.


It had a nice box that could be easily flattened. Tissue paper was branded with the ‘D’ logo, as well as the sticker to keep it closed. :)


Close up.


I think the bag could have done a little better. Plastic bags, even with those handle just don’t give it a high-end quality look and feel to it. But the design is nice.


The hangtag is very lovely. The ‘D’ you see is UV on the paper. Very simple but effective.