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The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Co.

Click to add a blog post for The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Co. on Zomato I happened to be at UBC, and the cafe was busy on a weekday morning. The staff were pretty friendly, but with only 1 barista, the orders were quite backed up. Conveniently located by the trolly bus terminal, it’s a decent size for all the students that are busy studying away.

idearabbit-boulevardcoffee1 idearabbit-boulevardcoffee2I ordered the Rooibos as a Misto, and the price was the same for all sizes (the staff kindly let me know when I ordered a small). $3.50
The cafe is simple, modern and a bit artsy with some paintings on the walls. The side is all glass, letting in natural light that gives it a cosy atmosphere.

 Taste: carrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrot


SAIT Reunion 2014 in Vancouver

idearabbit-sait-reunion2I’ve been to three different post-secondary schools or institutions, (Alberta College of Art & Design, Capilano University, and Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) and so far, SAIT is the only one those (that I know of!) that does reunions for past students. ACAD may have, but I don’t hear much from them except for what’s happening in around their school and the art community in Calgary. I think I still receive their email newsletter from time to time, but rarely ever read them.

idearabbit-sait-reunion idearabbit-sait-reunion3 idearabbit-sait-reunion2SAIT sends out their magazine which can be informative, even out here in Vancouver. This is an year-late post, but they had their reunion for those living in the Lower Mainland in Vancouver, as many have moved here for work or family reasons.

idearabbit-sait idearabbit-sait-reunion4It was held on Saturday Feb 15th, 2014 from 10am-noon (yes, really delayed posting!) The entire upper level of Blackbird Oyster Bar & Public House in downtown was reserved for us.

Since I only went to SAIT for continuing ed courses (finishing a Graphic Design Certificate in the end), I didn’t make much connections in class. The reunion was not just one department, nor one year. It was any former student, with some from the early 1960s were there, while others had just finished. It was interesting to hear the stories of others, how they moved around, what they wanted out of the school, and what they did now, or hoped to do in the near future.

idearabbit-sait-reunion5A complimentary buffet-style lunch was offered and it was really quite delicious. There were also draws and goodies to take home.

Thanks SAIT!

Bistro 101

Bistro 101 on UrbanspoonI had read so many good things about Bistro 101, so I wanted to try it out. Since they’re only open during weekdays and Friday seemed to be very popular, I had to book a month in advanced to get a reservation through Open Table. Monday-Thursdays are 3 course meals where lunch is $20 and dinner is $26. You can’t get fine dining for a better price anywhere else! Fridays are West Coast buffets at $22 for lunch and $33 for dinner.

I was aware that the prices are cheaper than other fine dining restaurants because this is where the future chefs learned, studied and experimented their cooking. The hostess wasn’t as friendly as you would expect from fine restaurants, but I had read that they are students and aren’t all that ‘trained’ yet up to par.


So how it works is that the appetizers and desserts are buffet, going up and getting whatever you liked, how much you’d liked. There were some good appetizers, but I thought the clam chowder soup was the best.

The main dish was seafood and this, you had to tell the server when you wanted. This isn’t all you can eat – it’s only a one time thing for that dinner per person. There were 2 large scallops, and a variety of fish and 2 asparagus. This plate would have already cost more than $50 at a fine restaurant, so it was a really good deal. The scallops were delicious! The asparagus was on the rawer side – which I didn’t mind, but Sheepie wasn’t too happy. But knowing how Germans served their Spagel (white asparagus), I guess it wasn’t something he’d like. The 2 slices of tuna tataki was soft and melted in my mouth. The potatoes were a nice complimentary side dish.

idearabbit-bistro101-6 idearabbit-bistro101-5 idearabbit-bistro101-Really good clam chowder soup!


The main dish (dish is not all-you-can-eat)

idearabbit-bistro101-3idearabbit-bistro101-8 idearabbit-bistro101-7idearabbit-bistro101-20 idearabbit-bistro101-21

Chef Christine was energetic despite working at a different location from 6am. She was telling the other customers at the table next to ours. Seems like the chef changes every 6 months at Bistro 101. It was really nice for her to be serving the customer and interacting so well.

idea-rabbit_mascot-joyI was really happy with pretty much everything. The restaurant has a nice atmosphere, not too sophisticated as some fine restaurants, but goes well with the Granville Island feel where it’s located. The place is clean and the selections for the buffet is plenty. Be sure to eat only a bit of appetizer at first since the main dish is quite filling. Then you have unlimited dessert! The price is fair. I’d love to come back and try their 3 course meals!

 Taste: carrotcarrotcarrot   Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrotcarrot

Atmosphere:  carrotcarrot carrotcarrot  Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
Location: carrotcarrotcarrot