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La Tortilleria

La Tortilleria Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato On a Sunday afternoon, Sheepie and I went to Granville Island for a short visit. We decided to grab and bite and came upon La Tortilleria. Their menu boards were updated and replaced the chalkboards with a printed menu.

I wanted the crispy bowl of chicken and beans, but Sheepie wanted a burrito, so we had that instead. There was a ‘mock-up’ of the dish, and the first thing that Sheepie said when our dish was served was ‘hey, that looks much smaller than the what they had.’

idearabbit_latortilleria1 idearabbit_latortilleria3 idearabbit_latortilleria2The Chicken Burrito $9: It looked pretty good, but there wasn’t much of a flavour to grasp. It was all very mellow, except for a very small hint of cilantro in the salsa. There were a lot of ‘water’ and the sauce was diluted, and the burrito was sitting in a puddle getting soaked. The price is high for what you get, though I understand it’s Granville Island.

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Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
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Thai Eleven on Granville Island

Thai Eleven on UrbanspoonWe were pressed for time to see a play at the Arts Club, so we went to the food court to grab something quick. I went to Thai Eleven and got a 2 item for $6.99. The to-go container is somewhat small for the price. The staff are angry (or just seems to be angry) Chinese that aren’t friendly at all. I asked for the Pad Thai and one chicken skewer. The noodles were dry and bland, so the juice from the chicken helped. The chicken was flavourful and juicy. However, I would not ever return if it were not on Granville Island. It’s a lot more expensive than getting something similar (for fast food) in other mall food courts, but I guess the rent there must be pretty pricey. Despite the cost and taste, it was super busy on a nice Saturday afternoon.

Would not return.

*Sorry, not photos for this post!

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Granville Island Gelato and Coffee House

GI Gelato & Coffee House on UrbanspoonAfter coming back from a vacation in Italy, and eating a lot of real authentic gelato, I was craving for some while we were at Granville Island.

The place had a line up, and I decided to get a coconut gelato.

  • small was $3.95
  • medium $5.57
  • large $6.62
  • plus in a waffle costs an extra 50 cents!

idearabbit-granvillegelato4idearabbit-granvillegelato1 idearabbit-granvillegelato3 idearabbit-granvillegelato2I got the small in a cone for $4.45. It was expensive after paying only €1.10 to €2 ($1.70 – $3 CDN) for an authentic one in Italy. It was good indeed, but pricey. But I guess that’s because I’m comparing it to Italy and not in Vancouver.

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