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Thai Eleven on Granville Island

Thai Eleven on UrbanspoonWe were pressed for time to see a play at the Arts Club, so we went to the food court to grab something quick. I went to Thai Eleven and got a 2 item for $6.99. The to-go container is somewhat small for the price. The staff are angry (or just seems to be angry) Chinese that aren’t friendly at all. I asked for the Pad Thai and one chicken skewer. The noodles were dry and bland, so the juice from the chicken helped. The chicken was flavourful and juicy. However, I would not ever return if it were not on Granville Island. It’s a lot more expensive than getting something similar (for fast food) in other mall food courts, but I guess the rent there must be pretty pricey. Despite the cost and taste, it was super busy on a nice Saturday afternoon.

Would not return.

*Sorry, not photos for this post!

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Lemongrass Thai Bistro

Lemongrass Thai Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

idearabbit-lemongrass1I had a voucher for $20 to spend at Lemongrass, so I decided to take out for a movie night with friends. I ordered the Lemongrass Chicken $10.95 and Pad Thai $10.95

nut_allery_allery_icon_smallWARNING! Peanuts in Pad Thai – ask for no peanuts if you allergy to nuts!

During the take-out phone call, I had to talk slowly and repeat several times – not sure if she is used to English…? Anyways, when I went in to pick up, the restaurant was empty except for one other customer who looked like she was waiting for someone, or her take-out order. The young staff greeted me friendly while the older ‘manager’ looking woman didn’t acknowledge me or anything but continued to work on papers and cashier stuff. She seemed unhappy and gloomy.

idearabbit-lemongrass3idearabbit-lemongrass2Both dishes were pretty good, but my friend noticed that the Pad Thai may have some peanuts at the bottom, so I had to stick to the Chicken…(note: that this was a take out order so the presentation and plates are not of the restaurants)

Would I go back? Not sure…

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Sala Thai on Burrard – Dine Out 2013

SalaThai on Urbanspoon

Dine Out Dinner Menu @ Sala Thai
Neighborhood: Downtown

Cuisine Type: Thai

Dinner Menu Price: $28 (appetizer, entree and dessert)



idearabbit-salathai3     Spicy marinated chicken salad with Thai herbs & tomatoes, Thai-style egg nest with pork & shrimp filling

Spicy Tom Yum seafood soup

idearabbit-salathai6Roasted duck on sautéed bamboo & bell peppers in thick green curry sauce, duck fried rice

Stir-fried assorted seafood in Thai turmeric curry, onions, bell peppers, celery & cream


Deep-fried coconut ice cream, crispy crepe, pandan leaf and mango sauce

Baked squash & custard with Thai banana chips

There were two young hostesses that greeted us with smiles. We were seated by the window which my friend was happy about. It was my first dine out for Dine Out Vancouver Festival. It was $28 per person which included an appetizer, entree and dessert. We ordered everything opposite so that we could try out the entire dine out menu. The restaurant was very comfortable and spacious, the servers were very friendly and happy.

First, the appetizers. The spicy Tom Yum seafood soup was super sour, but in a good way. The soup was room temperature, so eating soup a bit cold was odd, and wondered if that was supposed to be like that. I should have asked for a knife since the large prawn was difficult to eat with fork and spoon. Still, I enjoyed the soup.

The chicken salad was very interesting and flavourful. The cilantro really added to the flavour. The salad was very refreshing, though as you got closer to the bottom with all the sauce, it too was quite sour, as if I was drinking juice straight from some lemons. However, out of the two, I would have to say I liked this salad over the soup. My friend agreed.

The roasted duck was cooked really nice. Super soft, with a sweet sauce. Went really well with the vegetables and rice. Delicious!

The seafood curry was impressive visually. At first it almost looked like it was a lobster, but it was a jumbo prawn. The turmeric sauce was excellent, and again, went well with the prawn, vegetables and jasmine rice. We tried eating all the meat from the prawn, even trying to get some out from the arms, but the outer shell was super prickly with thorns which made it a bit difficult to eat.

The deep fried ice cream was amazing. The combination of the crispy outer shell, the cold melting vanilla ice cream and coconut was so yummy!! Presentation was also superb.

Baked squash with custard was very interesting. I never thought I’d see squash as a dessert, but it went really well with the custard. The banana chips were crispy, and went well with the strawberry icing – which at first looked like strawberry ice cream.

The food was wonderful, service was top-notch, and the restaurant has a nice comfy atmosphere. I totally recommend it. Each time we finished our plates, we were given new plates, and was looked after very well. It was the second time for Thai for my friend, and he totally fell in love with it that he said he was going to come back for another dine out with his parents. 2 thumbs up!!

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