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SAIT Reunion 2014 in Vancouver

idearabbit-sait-reunion2I’ve been to three different post-secondary schools or institutions, (Alberta College of Art & Design, Capilano University, and Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) and so far, SAIT is the only one those (that I know of!) that does reunions for past students. ACAD may have, but I don’t hear much from them except for what’s happening in around their school and the art community in Calgary. I think I still receive their email newsletter from time to time, but rarely ever read them.

idearabbit-sait-reunion idearabbit-sait-reunion3 idearabbit-sait-reunion2SAIT sends out their magazine which can be informative, even out here in Vancouver. This is an year-late post, but they had their reunion for those living in the Lower Mainland in Vancouver, as many have moved here for work or family reasons.

idearabbit-sait idearabbit-sait-reunion4It was held on Saturday Feb 15th, 2014 from 10am-noon (yes, really delayed posting!) The entire upper level of Blackbird Oyster Bar & Public House in downtown was reserved for us.

Since I only went to SAIT for continuing ed courses (finishing a Graphic Design Certificate in the end), I didn’t make much connections in class. The reunion was not just one department, nor one year. It was any former student, with some from the early 1960s were there, while others had just finished. It was interesting to hear the stories of others, how they moved around, what they wanted out of the school, and what they did now, or hoped to do in the near future.

idearabbit-sait-reunion5A complimentary buffet-style lunch was offered and it was really quite delicious. There were also draws and goodies to take home.

Thanks SAIT!

IDEA Capilano Blog


Capilano University’s IDEA program now has a new blog to keep new and current students, as well as alumni updated on what’s going on in the IDEA program. Go check out what all the awesome IDEA students are doing!! :D

IDEA: Illustration and Design- Elements and Applications

The IDEA program is where I (IDEA Rabbit) was born :)

It’s a very intensive, three year diploma program at Capilano University in North Vancouver, BC. The first year is focused on traditional mediums, great for those who are illustrators, using acrylic, watercolours, gouache, oil, etc. Second year is getting introduced to digital stuff. You get a digital camera, a new imac computer with all the software needed, plus a wacom tablet! These are all included in the tuition, which isn’t that much different from UofC tuition (roughly $2800-3300 per semester).
In your final third year, it’s all about preparing your portfolio and grad show!!

The teachers are all professionals who work in the industry. You might have seen my earlier posts, but founders of Hangar 18 both work as teachers. St. Bernadine, Elevator Strategy, Wasserman + Partners and Advertising, and so on. There are also illustrators like Si Huynh and Ben Tour that teaches too. The program also has a lot of connection with the local design firms which is great to get your foot in the door! Get lots of exposure.

Check out their official site at http://www2.capilanou.ca/programs/idea.html

You can also check out our grad page and see what kind of designers and illustrators are born after three years!

Or you can email me at hello@idearabbit.ca if you have any questions from someone that actually took the program.