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Animals & Birds of the Canadian Rockies

Soooo another book to sell on eBay!! :D

*Unfortunately, the books are no longer sold on ebay*

This book is actually my first ever book that got published…so I should have posted this first then the other one…but oh well.
This book was a collaborative project along with my dad. I did all of the 63 illustrations of the animals and birds in pencil crayon. It was when I had just moved out, so renting out a small shared basement, I didn’t have much space to work, nor the right tools to do them…but after many revisions and trying to finish them in between my job at the time, I got them done :) and was pretty happy to how they turned out.


Peregrine Falconcariboo


Again, my dad did all of the writing in Japanese, and I did the layout in InDesign. It was my first time using InDesign, but knowing a bit of Photoshop and Illustrator program, I managed to figure out the program to construct an entire book from scratch to the final print production. It was also my first time going to the print press and checking for colour and such. Very exciting :) It was printed at Nathan Printing in Burnaby.

I’m not too happy with the design since I’m more into white space and simple layouts, but it was what my dad wanted…so I did what the client wished and thought was appropriate for the target audience.

*note: this book is only in Japanese


Reflection 2013

Every year the students of the Illustration & Design program (IDEA) at Capilano University run the fund-raising project called “Reflections” in which the students manage the entire project from exhibiting their paintings, to the design, production, marketing and distribution the products.

Each student paints a well-known scenery of the Lower Mainland. 13 of these are chosen to go in the 2013 calendar ($18 CAD). The rest are made into greeting cards and such.

Their exhibition to launch the 2013 Reflections info:

Reflections 2013 Painting Exhibition

The Ferry Building Gallery
1414 Argyle Ave, West Vancouver

April 17th from 6 – 8 PM
Exhibition runs from April 17th – 29th

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday 11 – 5 PM

Meet the artists:
(same location as above)
April 21 from 1 PM

My friend Soobin is exhibiting her painting of the Lions Gate Bridge titled “Circles of Light”.

Come check out the paintings and support local emerging artists!!!

All proceeds goes to the student fund-raising project :)

eBook Complete: Part 3 “Gift From the Moon”

Ladies and gentlemen!!

The ebook is finally published, and selling on Amazon.com!!! Soooo exciting!
After all those trial and errors, it’s finally done! :D I almost cried of joy…lol

I switched to using the MobiPocket Creator instead of the KindleGen since it was giving me error messages. The MobiPocket Creator has limitations, but for my first ebook, I thought I’d go simple.

So there you have it! I wasn’t too sure on how to price the books. I did a bit of research into what the ‘free’ children books looked like. I wanted to originally price it at $1.99, but you needed to price your book to at least $2.99 for you to get 70% royalty, otherwise, it was only 30%. I know that I’m not a famous writer or anything (maybe not just yet! lol), so it would probably be better to set the price to lower to get the book out there…but I had spent so much time and effort with the illustrations, writing and converting it to digital, that I felt it was worth the $2.99

Please check it out!


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