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Brazza on Lonsdale

Brazza Gelato & Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoAn open, spacious and simple cafe. Their sofa does need to be replaced though…

Since it was close to Christmas, there weren’t much gelatos available – not that I would have gotten any. I needed a hot drink!

idearabbit_brazza_lonsdale1 idearabbit_brazza_lonsdale2 idearabbit_brazza_lonsdale3I had their tall Cafe Latte $3.57. I normally don’t drink coffee because I’m so sensitive to caffeine, but it was still early in the day, and I had a long day ahead of me. I met up with a friend, and we chatted away. The nice thing about less crowded cafe and without their music playing loud is that you can have a conversation without the distractions.

It’s a laid back, comfortable cafe.

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Waves on Lonsdale

Click to add a blog post for Waves Coffee on ZomatoThis location seems to be quite empty, though in the summer time, you can see a few indoors and the rest sitting out on their patio. This summer, I have fallen in love with their Rooibos Frappe $3.95 with whip cream!!! Yay! No caffeine! Not overly sweet either. Just love it! The staff are pretty friendly here and the place is pretty clean. Close to the Lonsdale Quay, great to relax and chitchat with friends after some shopping or nice walk around the charming neighbourhood.


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Buddha Full

Click to add a blog post for Buddha-Full on ZomatoI met up with my friend who is pretty health conscious, especially when it comes to food, so I thought this place would be the perfect place to grab a bite. I was curious about the place, but was happy to hear that she enjoys their smoothies. They serve organic and gluten free food/juices and opened in 2010. The place is a bit hidden, and can easily be missed – I walked by it (though on the other side of the road)

idearabbit-buddhafull1 idearabbit-buddhafull2 idearabbit-buddhafull3 idearabbit-buddhafull4I decided to get their Fried Samosa $3.95. If you wanted to go healthier and get the Baked Samosa $4.50. For drink, I got the One Love $6.50 (14oz) which was really dark burgundy.
It was a hot summer day, and the cafe inside was sweltering hot and humid. After we picked up our orders, we took it outside onto the patio. There were several ants crawling on our chairs, and flying ants…
The heated samosa was really, really good. The size was quite generous and the softer shell than most other samosas I’ve had made it easier to eat. I would definitely come back for these.
The drink was rich. It had strawberries, pineapple, orange, beets with rose water. It seemed like all the goodness was juiced into one cup. Super dark colour that could easily dye, so watch out light-coloured clothes!
Service was satisfactory. The interior has a a couple of tables with seats and with a shop that included things like soap, jewellery, candles, etc.

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Atmosphere:  carrotcarrotcarrot   Service:  carrotcarrotcarrot
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