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Ma Dang Goul

MDG Ma Dang Goul Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - ZomatoThe place was jam packed and lively. My friend had suggested the place as she was into Korean cuisine at the time. My other friend was also into it, so two friends, Sheepie and I went. There was about 5 minute wait at the door.

No water arrived until we asked for some. It was quite crowded. idearabbit-madanggoul1 idearabbit-madanggoul3 idearabbit-madanggoul2

idearabbit-madanggoul65 different side dishes of banchan. Salad was meh… Not much of a fan of the jelly squares.

idearabbit-madanggoul8 Doeji Bulgoki $11.95 The portion was small, but good! Went really well with plain rice. idearabbit-madanggoul5

Chicken Bibim Bap $13.95 Nice presentation, nice and hot, really good! Fresh toppings. idearabbit-madanggoul4

My friend had a Lemon Soju $9.95 which came out in a really pretty glass bottle with ice in the middle. Everyone was fascinated by it. idearabbit-madanggoul7

Jjin Mandu $9.95 Presented nicely. Really good! I recommend! idearabbit-madanggoul9

Mul Neang Myeon $9.95. Cold noodles had an interesting texture and really light flavour, but good. Awesome for the summer.

Good food and fair prices. Will return.

Taste: carrotcarrotcarrot    Price for Value: carrotcarrotcarrot

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