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Do you suffer from acne? Are you an adult, but still breakout like you’re a teenager? Tried everything on the market and frustrated that nothing ever seems to work? Well, then Clinique may be the answer for you.

I was introduced to Clinique by a guy who didn’t seem to be having that much skin problems. But he was trying everything on the shelf, so he knew way more than I did. I have been suffering from severe acne since I was 11 or so. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to the doctors to get it treated. I tried all kinds of creams, but nothing ever worked. It wasn’t until I went to live in Japan that I was given some TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) which REALLY helped. I was super happy. I stopped taking them, but it didn’t get worse again and stabilized.

However, it didn’t mean that I was all free from acne. I still broke out, never as bad as before, but still. When I went on the one year of being on a strict healthy diet, I noticed that my acne significantly decreased. Since then, I’ve noticed that if I eat chocolate, sugar, buttery food, or chips, I break out – so I mainly avoid those foods as much as possible.

To help the skin from the outside, I now use Clinique. I started using the 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula $24.00 CAD and Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion  $17.00 CAD. I wash my face with a gentle soap, then massage the scrub. I rinse and dry. Then I apply the Acne Solution with a cotton pad. After a week, I noticed that I was clearing up. I noticed that I didn’t break out as much. I was really satisfied.

 idearabbit-clinique3Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion  $17.00 CAD

idearabbit-clinique27 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula $24.00 CAD

When I bought the two items, they were doing a special at Hudson Bay where you got a free gift bag with samples inside. One of the samples was the Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator. I apply it at night around my eye and corner of my mouth to soften the wrinkles. I am hoping to buy the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel next time since my Mary Kay’s moisturizer is running out.


Free gift bag during promotion with creams, lipstick, eye shadows, mascara, etc.

The prices are pretty affordable compare to other competitors. And if you can buy when they’re giving out the free gift bags, bonus!  What I like about Clinique is that they’re 100% fragrance free. That doesn’t mean that they smell like crap. I’m really sensitive to fragrance so this is good.

However, after talking about acne with one of my friend, she said that Clinique didn’t work for her. So I guess it doesn’t work for everyone. Before taking the leap into investing into Clinique, go to one of their booths in major department stores like Hudson Bay or Sears and ask for samples. They’re really good out handing samples out (on certain items though).

Good luck!

The Hundred-Year Lie – Book

The Hundred-Year Lie:

How Food and Medicine are Destroying Your Health
Author of book: Randall Fitzgerald

This is an excellent book! It’s fascinating and frightening at the same time, being told about the dangers that we have exposed ourselves to throughout our lives. Whether you’re ill or healthy, this is a must-read!

I didn’t know that mandatory vaccinations that we receive as infants/child had mercury in them to preserve better. That recently, girls are starting puberty at the age of eight, and even cases of three-year olds!! The author believes that there has been an increase in male breast reduction operations, since the ‘Pill’ is getting into our water system, and well, we drink that water!

You will be amazed at all the hidden and coverups, how the FDA approves of substances – more likely for business and profit, rather than the safety of the citizens.

We are seeing an increasingly number of diseases that were rare just 50 to 100 years ago. Of course, back then, maybe the person died before getting diagnosis or treatment. Perhaps people couldn’t afford medical treatment, so by trying to treat it themselves, the numbers weren’t in the records.

However,  we are seeing a spike in the last couple of decades, such as cancer, Parkinson’s, immune disease and heart disease. What I’ve noticed after reading this book is that the media is focused on the ‘cure’ of many diseases, but not much effort is put in the ‘prevention’ of them. Of course, health books and workshops tell you to eat healthy and get daily exercise, but if we are being exposed to hazardous substances without knowing it, those preventions may not be enough.

I believe that the harmful chemicals in our food, environment (pollution, paint, house-hold cleaners, etc), hygiene products (toothpaste, cosmetics, perfume, soap, shampoo, etc) and even medicine, all add up, and they build up in our system. With the type of lifestyle that most of us have, we don’t have much opportunity to detoxify our body from these toxins – and that’s when problems begin. There is only so much the body can handle!

Don’t try to change over night. It’ll likely backfire. Take small steps. Try cutting out canned foods from your cooking. Then, switch to safer make-up the next time you purchase your cosmetics. Use lemon and baking soda for cleaning around the house – not only will it be safer and cheaper, it’ll leave your place smelling fresh and natural. Little by little, things will change, and it’ll make it easier for you to adjust to the changes.

Read! & Good luck!

Need a Coffee Break? Or take a break from Caffeine instead?

coffee12Living in a city like Vancouver, it’s hard not to miss walking a block without seeing a coffee shop. Infact, some blocks have cafe’s opening right across from each other, giving consumers a variety of choices.

But as some reports have shown, people today are consuming way too much coffee. Not only are caffeine in coffee, but in teas, colas, chocolate and in some over-the-counter drugs. The amount of caffeine you take in a day can quickly add up, so it’s good to keep an eye on your daily intake, especially if you’re suffering from physical problems such as urinary issues, heart disease, and anxiety.

With most of us living a fairly stressful life with everyone working a lot more harder and longer, we take in coffee to keep ourselves awake and pumped. But it comes with a price. Many undesirable effects like insomnia, irritability, tremors, headaches, reducing bone density and being too hyper can disrupt our lifestyle. Caffeine worsens stress by depleting your levels of B1 which is one of the ‘anti-stress’ vitamins. We’ve already seen some problems arising from energy drinks that have way too high contents of caffeine causing death.

It’s recommended to consume less than 100 mg per day. I find that I am so sensitive to caffeine that even a cup of Earl Grey Tea from Starbucks will keep me awake until 4 am – and insufficient sleep means more likely to feel tired and anxious the following day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying coffee is evil. I use to drink coffee with my hectic schedule, and loved drinking Latte’s and Cappuccino. It was really difficult fighting the temptation at first, and it comes up every now and then, but I’ve found a new love of Vanialla Rooibos Herbal Tea to keep me happy these days (which is caffeine-free).

It’ll be hard to avoid coffee or cut back when the one place to chat and hang out with friends (or business) are happening at coffee shops these days. And if you need 8 cups of coffee to keep you going around the clock to get everything done – perhaps it’s time to ‘wake up’ and think about making some changes to your overall lifestyle instead.
More info @ Health Canada