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Updates and Changes to IdeaRabbit.ca #1

Happy New Year!! Hope everyone had a great holiday.

Thanks everyone for checking out my blog in 2013. I started out being #216 on Urbanspoon in Dec 2012. Now I am at: idea rabbit Vancouver restaurants

So thank you! I hope 2014 will be filled with new and exciting adventures! :D

I’m constantly trying to upgrade my blog to give you, the readers a better experience.

Here are some of the improvements that has happened:

First of all, this is late news, but back in late Sept 2013, I was accepted onto LocalEats.com website. Not only that, I’ve become one LocalEats featured blogof their ‘Featured Blog’ sites! :D Wippee!

Automatic tweets to the Twitter (idea_rabbit) was implemented on Oct. 29th, so if you haven’t already, please follow idea_rabbit!

Google Translate was added on Oct 28th, so now you can read the blog in another language!

Next, I’ve updated several of my previous posts with more photos and info, so please check them out:

I’ve also found some great food blogs:

Also, with the creation of IdeaRabbit.ca business cards, the url on the photos has changed to match the cards to keep the brand look consistent.


The new url on the left, the old one on the right

I will also be adding more illustrations, like this one. To better communicate the emotion associated with my review. LOL.idea-rabbit_mascot-angryFinally, I would like to implement more blog features such being able to view properly on mobile devices, for readers to be able to comment using Disqus (which would allow easier ways to leave comments) and add a favicon. I would also  like to change the theme look and navigation. Hopefully, these changes will be done by Updates and Changes #2!