Axis Hair Salon

I had bought a voucher deal from Social Shopper for a $39 for Shampoo, Scalp Massage, Axis Professional Deep Heated Conditioning Treatment, Haircut, Blowout and Style, Plus a Bottle of AXIS mor & $10 Gift Certificate at Axis Hair Salon (Value $100)

Apparently, the old vintage looking location on Georgia had closed down and there is only now the one on Pender. It’s a super funky salon, square pyramid mirrors, interesting layout, and lots of natural light with all glass windows on one side.

My hair stylist was Steve, a really friendly guy. The scalp massage was really nice. Ah~. The conditioning treatment helped my frizzy, wavy uncontrollable hair more manageable. He did (as often other stylists I find) scrap my scalp too hard when pinning my hair up to keep them up from falling. I wish stylists would be more gentle! Do not jab those metal clips into my scalp! Steve spent just about an hour for everything. I got an inch off my hair. Although I like my bangs long, I find that every stylist will end up cutting it too short…even if I tell them not to. It’s probably because my hair tends to curl, so it looks shorter when dry…

I received a bottle of oil treatment – it smells like Vanilla – OMG it’s so good! I will have to go back to get some more of this once I run out…you massage a dab of it after you’ve toweled dry your hair after washing. Keeps it not only smelling nice, but down especially if you have dry brittle hair. On their website, it says it’s $30. It doesn’t indicate how many ml…but I’m guessing it’s the same size as the one I received, which is 120ml. It’s in a glass bottle with a pump, so after use, you can wash it out and use it for something else – like for shampoo for soap dispenser.


I was suppose to get the $10 gift certificate to use for next time. They took my email address so they can send it in. It’s been about a few months, and I still haven’t received anything. Ok, so I’m in no rush to get a haircut at this point, but it would be nice. Ok, so I guess I’m a little lazy in not asking them about it…but hey, where’s the service if they can’t do it properly.

Steve gave me 3 cards that give first-time customers 10% that come and see Steve. Not sure if I can use this…I guess not, since I would no longer be a first-time customer.

Overall, the service was good. Steve brought me water while I was waiting for the deep conditioning to set in. We didn’t talk much, but I prefer it that way – not those chit chat people that tells their life away with their stylist. My friend is like that. I think he only goes to rant – almost like seeing a counselor, lol.

For payment,  there was the $2 tax and $1 environmental fee, and of course, the tip. Don’t forget just because you’re using a voucher.
1386 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 4S9

604.609.3535 or 604.685.0200|
Monday through Satuday: 9am to 7pm
Closed Sundays and Holidays

Service:      Cost: N/A due to voucher

Atmosphere:      Location: