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A newly opened Ramen-ya on Davie street. The interior is similar to other ramen-yas in town with the wooden interior and open concept where you could see the staff cooking up the noodles. Sheepie and I sat at the table at the back and the area was stacked with pop bottles and boxes.idearabbit-koika1 idearabbit-koika2 idearabbit-koika3idearabbit-koika5I ordered the Shio ramen $8.50. The men (noodle) weren’t the kind I liked, but it wasn’t too bad. The broth was pretty good. Service was satisfactory, a bit tight in terms of space at the back. I’d prefer to site elsewhere away from all the kitchen ‘storage’ and bathroom.

I think I’d like to come back to try their other flavours, though a bit pricey.

 2nd Timeidearabbit-koika20For the second time, they had a new menu called Koika Red Ramen with 3 levels of spiciness. The last level, Level 3 is the Burning in Hell $9.95 and comes with a free soft drink. If you can finish the ramen and soup in 15 minutes, you get the ramen for free! Of course Sheepie could not resist with ‘Oh spice? No problem! Bring it on attitude’.

idearabbit-koika23Burning in Hell $9.95

Maybe we all saw it coming, but it was really spicy!!! No kidding. I had just a sip of the soup and I started coughing…and my lips were burning. Terrible sensation. My other friend was choking too. However, my Taiwanese friend seemed to be ok with it LOL – maybe he should have took on the challenge, but he was satisfied with his Nagasaki Champon with a lot of seafood $12.95 (below)

idearabbit-koika22idearabbit-koika21I ordered the Queens Ramen $9.50 (above) and I thought that was a bit spicy! LOL.

So in the end, no Sheepie couldn’t finish it in time – however, he did manage to finish all the ramen (not the soup). So yay! But his lips seemed red and a bit swollen. It was nice that one of the servers came by and told us that one of the customers got a really bad heartburn or stomach ache and had to go to the hospital…yikes…perhaps you shouldn’t be giving out such ‘haphazardness’ food lol…but looking at the “Hall of Fame” photos of those that managed to finish it in time, (20 people or so) I guess it’s not impossible…

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