Kawawa Japanese Restaurant

Click to add a blog post for Kawawa Japanese Restaurant on ZomatoI’ve started avoiding low-quality sushi restaurants since having several bad food-ingestion experiences at these kind of venues. I also have a sensitive stomach…but I took a risk. I’ve been to the Kawawa once before, but thought of giving it a second chance.

It was a Saturday around 6pm and it was fairly busy. We were seated after only having to wait a minute or two. They also offer All-You-Can-Eat, but we decided to do a la carte instead.

I was already deterred a bit from the cheap plastic cups, plates and the bowls which the surface looked like it had gone through the dishwasher way too many times. While waiting, I saw one of the chefs with blue gloves shove some food into his mouth while working with the food. Egh…

idearabbit-kawawasushi2I ordered Combo A $7.95 with California roll, Salmon roll, Tuna roll and Kappa roll. It was a good deal with the portions it came with, but the tuna roll looked a bit suspicious.

idearabbit-kawawasushi3Sheepie had Combo D (Spicy Combo) $11.95 with Spicy Tuna roll, Spicy Salmon roll, Spicy Chopped Scallop roll. I was jealous of the size of his dish, though presentation wise, the rolls seems to be falling apart. I took a small bite from one of his spicy tuna and gave the rest of the piece back. Blah!! It tasted off. Gross!

They were good with returning to refill our teacups…a bit too many actually. With our large smoothie, I rarely drank any of my tea.

idearabbit-kawawasushi1 idearabbit-kawawasushi4The only good thing was the Watermelon Strawberry Smoother $4.95. After driving around in the summer hot day, it was nice to have something to really cool you down. Tasted good as well.

However, there are better Japanese restaurants (unfortunately not in Metrotown mall that I know of)…and so I would not return.

Note! There is a minimum $10 charge per person at this place.

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