Bay Moorings

Bay Moorings Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Sheepie saw the second floor patio and suggested we dine there for dinner. The sun was just going down in early Sept, but Sheepie wanted to sit out in the patio, so we did. The patio was large, and all the tables were really spaced apart for privacy. You were able to see the waters and the ferries, but it was blocked by a really old, ugly wooden powerline. I guess Germany looks so nice because all powerlines are hidden underground. It also prevents it from falling and cutting power during a bad storm (like we had this summer), or from squirrels that like to chew on them and cut power (had it often in Calgary).

idearabbit-baymoorings1 idearabbit-baymoorings2idearabbit-baymoorings7 idearabbit-baymoorings9 idearabbit-baymoorings8idearabbit-baymoorings5idearabbit-baymoorings6The hostess brought our salt and pepper to the table. To my surprise, I saw a black hair inside the salt shaker. It was right against the glass, so it was easily visible. We were going to complain to the staff, but as we waited for our food, a group of youngsters wanted to move inside as they were cold. We followed as I didn’t want to be eating out in the cold. We then forgot about the salt, as we looked for a new table inside.

I asked for hot water with lemon, but only hot water came. Our server didn’t even ask if Sheepie wanted anything to drink. He had to ask the hostess for cold water. Inside was a bit of old-elegant atmosphere. There were white cloth napkins and wine glasses set on the table, both which weren’t available out on the patio.

idearabbit-baymoorings3 idearabbit-baymoorings4idearabbit-baymoorings12I ordered the Prawns & Scallop Souvlakis $24.The portion was smaller than Stephos or Taki’s (both on Davie street on the same block) which were in the $9-12 range. The shrimps were nicely grilled and lightly flavoured. The scallops were really juicy and soft. The rice was a bit bland. The tzatziki sauce was much weaker than some others I’ve tried. It definitely didn’t have the garlic punch either. The potatoes were baked well. The Greek salad was ok, but the cucumbers seemed a bit too soggy and soft…didn’t feel like they were fresh. For the price, I would rather go to Stephos or Taki’s.

idearabbit-baymoorings13 idearabbit-baymoorings14Sheepie ordered the Classic Thin Medium Pizza $18. The onions were still quite raw. What made it worse was they they were thick-cut onions. Sheepie took all of it off as he wasn’t much of a fan of raw ones. The salami/pepperoni that were on it seemed cheap. It didn’t taste all the delicious either. Sheepie kept complaining that the pizza needed to bake much longer in the oven. Perhaps I’m biased, but I’m not a fan of pizza – at least the North American version. I rarely eat pizza, except when Sheepie makes it, and it’s super good, so this pizza was really disappointment.

idearabbit-baymoorings15I had hoped that moving inside would be warmer, but I’m not sure if it was because the patio doors were wide open or they had AC on, it was cold inside as well. Even Sheepie was cold, and that means it’s REALLY cold.

Service was ok. The server was a bit hard to understand, and he never made eye contact.

Overall, it seems like a restaurant that I could like. Relaxing and comfy, but with other places to try out in Horseshoe Bay, we likely wont be back anytime soon.

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