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Follow and unfollow from your iPhone at your finger tip, any time, any place.
Now you can easily follow back your followers and unfollow people that did not follow you back.
Followorks is a new application that easily allows you to follow and unfollow people by searching users that followed you or unfollowed you.

You can check out more info @ and purchase the app for $2.99 on the Apple website:

And of course being an app for Twitter, you can follow Followorks @

More detailed info at the creator’s site @
While you’re there, check out his other works if you like Followorks :)

The creator can reply in Korean, Japanese and English :)



LaDida was featured in this year’s September issue of Entrepreneur magazine in the Young Millionaires of 2011. At only 29 years old, the co founder and CEO of Atlanta-based, Prerna Gupta is changing the way people make music. Even if you are tone-deaf, you’d sound pretty awesome. Just click on the Youtube video to see how it works!

You record yourself singing, and then the app will correct the pitch of your voice, and add background music to match. Presto! You’re a new singing sensation!! :P

Unfortunately, the app is only available for iphone users at this time. However, there seems to be similar apps for Android users.