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Freeing Canada

I had a Groupon to take 4 people on a discount at $59. 2 others joined at the last minute for the regular admission of $22 per person. These kinds of mystery games are popping up in Vancouver (or rather Richmond to be more specific), and this is the first time that I was going to such an experience. There is plenty of parking space. The staff members were friendly. The place is a bit hard to find, but look for their flag outside which you can see from the road.

We challenged the ‘Black Swan’ mystery. I thought it would be a lot more scary, but it wasn’t. I did enjoy trying to figure out the clues and mysteries – I just love trying to figure out puzzles.

This game is not the one where you go through different rooms to find more clues. This one is where you are locked up in one room with your group to gather as many clues to solve the mystery – in Black Swan – to figure out the murderer. Of course, I wont go on in talking about it cuz that’ll ruin the fun.

Anyways, it was interesting, even though a bit stressful with the clock counting down out 45 minutes to solve the mystery. I would have to say that the regular $22 is way too expensive though. I’m not sure why it’s so expensive. With all of us doing the work, (ok, so the staff needs to set the room up again  afterward- but that’s really not that hard, nor time consuming), I’d say $10 is more reasonable.


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