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Taki’s Taverna

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With long lineups at Stepho’s (as usual), we went s few stores down to Taki’s Taverna. Yes, the prices are higher than Stepho’s but with no lineup and a less bustling atmosphere, we were happy to take the table by the window.
A nicely decorated interior that’s cosy and comfortable. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have any Prawn Souvlakia, so I ordered the Small Chicken Souvlakia $11.95 with one chicken skewer, two potato wedges, few carrots, rice pilaf and a small Greek salad. Sheepie ordered the Pita Chicken Souvlakia $12.95, similar to my dish but with the chicken in a pita. His plate didn’t come with any tzatziki sauce, so we shared mine since it came with a lot. My server forgot to bring my pita bread, so Sheepie had to remind him.

idearabbit-takitaverna5idearabbit-takitaverna idearabbit-takitaverna4Pita Chicken Souvlakia $12.95idearabbit-takitaverna3Small Chicken Souvlakia $11.95 idearabbit-takitaverna2

Overall, the dining experience was very good. Good food, satisfactory service and nice atmosphere. I just wished they had prawns!! The quality is similar to Stepho’s, so I can see why everyone lines up there for a $4 difference – especially if you get more in quantity as well. Still, a lovely Greek restaurant.

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