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Updates to IdeaRabbit #4

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone’s had a wonderful holiday season and is ready for the new year! IdeaRabbit continues to update with new posts every 3 days from food, travels, events and products. Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog :)

More updates on past posts with new additional reviews and/or photos!

New reviews added to Yelp!

Places that have since closed down :(

New Look for IdeaRabbit.ca!

IdeaRabbit.ca is changing it’s look for a cleaner and simpler design!!! :D   Menus have been added with sub-menus for better navigation and you’ll be able to relevant info a lot faster. It’s now responsive, so that you can view it on your desktop or mobile devices! (although I found that my tablet shows it with the old theme with the new menus…even after clearing out my cache…:/). Sooo still some glitches to be still fixed… >_< lol

The subscription for the monthly newsletter box IS active, even though with the greyed out button, it looks like it’s not working. It IS, but I haven’t figured out a way to change the colour yet T_T.

Sorry for not having any new exciting posts up as I have been busy trying to get the site to work properly, and not being well with food poisoning then a cold right afterwards x_x… Thank you for your patience!

Hope you all like the new look and navigation!! :D